All the Mechanical Engineering laboratories have spacious rooms and provided with state-of-art equipment for doing all the experiments by the students. The major equipment in each laboratory is:

Engineering Workshop laboratory (Area: 205 Sq,m)

The central Workshop consisting of Fitting Shop, Welding shop, Carpentry shop, Power Tools shop, Foundry Shop, Black-smithy shop, Tin-smithy shop, Machine Shop and House wiring shop. The facilities are used for conduct of regular sessional classes as a part of the curriculum for students at various levels pertaining to different departments. In addition to housing many conventional machines and equipment it also has most modern fabrication and production units in tune with the recent technological developments. Some of these include CNC machine -XL Turn & XL Mill, etc. Workshop facilities are extended to facilitate conduct of UG level projects works under the guidance of respective faculty guides.

Material Testing (Strength of Materials) laboratory (Area: 105 Sq,m)

In the Strength of material laboratory, students are being trained to test the material properties by using the various testing machines available in the laboratory. A salient feature of this lab is that the lab is provided with an "Universal Testing Machine" with 40 MT capacity. It enhances for doing various special tests like 'U' bend test, tensile & compression test, shearing test, Torsion test, hardness test, Impact test and fatigue test.

1.40 tons Universal Testing Machine with Computer Interface
2.20 tons Compression Testing Machine
3.Torsion Testing Machine
4.Spring testing machine - Tesile & Compression helical Springs
5.Manual readout Impact strength Testing Machine for Charpy & Izod Test
6.Analog Rockwell Hardness Tester
7.Deflections of beams set up - Cantilever & Simply supported beams

Metallurgy laboratory (Area: 70 Sq.m)

This is a vital lab for mechanical engineering students. It provides various experiments in the field of heat treatment and metallography to sharpen their knowledge. The purpose of doing experiments is to develop the new materials in the field of metallurgy.

    1. Metallurgical Binocular Microscope (8 Nos.)
    2. Metallurgical Trinocular Microscope with USB camera for image capturing
    3. Jomney and Quench Apparatus
    4. Muffle Furnace
    5. Belt Grinder
    6. Double Disc Polishing Machine
    7. Hand Polishing Lapping Stand
    8. Specimen Mounting Press
    9. Specimen Cut off Machine
Production Technology laboratory (Area: 105 Sq.m)

This lab is well equipped with all types production quality machines and the students are being trained the various manufacturing processes pertaining to plastics, press working, welding and foundry sand properties testing etc. in the laboratory.

1.Injection Moulding Machine of 32 gms capacity
2.Blow Moulding Machine of 250 Ml capacity
3.7.5 tons Hydraulic Press with Simple, Compound, Progressive & Deep Drawing Die
4.7.5 kV A Spot welding Machine
5.220 kVA DC Welding Machine
6.TIG Welding machine
7.Wood Turning lathe for Pattern making
8.Furnace for metal casting.
9.Sand properties testing equipment.
        - Universal Strength Machine with standard attachments.
          (High dry strength, Tensile Strength, Traverse Strength, Shear Strength attachments
        - Permeability testing machine.
        - Mould hardness tester(Green Mould from 0 to 100)
10. Sand Rammer.
11. Core boxes (Tensile and Transverse).

Mechanics of fluid & Hydraulic machinery laboratory (Area: 105 Sq.m)

Fluid mechanics and machinery lab provide the knowledge basically necessary for the mechanical engineering students. All types of Pumps and Turbines are available in this laboratory to impart vast knowledge to the students in this area.

    1. Verification of Bernouli’s theorem
    2. Impact of jet on vanes
    3. Performance test on Single stage centrifugal pump
    4. Performance test on Multi stage centrifugal pump
    5. Performance test on Reciprocating pump
    6. Calibration of Venturimeter & orifice meter
    7. Determination of friction factor for a given pipe line
    8. Determination of losses due to pipe fittings, sudden enlargement and contraction
    9. Notches apparatus
    10.Open Orifice & Moth piece
    11. Pelton wheel turbine test rig (1kW) with mechanical dynamometer
    12. Francis turbine test rig (1kW) with mechanical dynamometer (to be installed soon)
    13. Kaplan turbine test rig (1kW) with mechanical dynamometer (to be installed soon)
Machine tools laboratory (Area: 140 Sq.m)
The Machine shop is well equipped. The students are being trained on the various machines and machining processes available in the laboratory.

1.  6” All Geared Lathe Machine with all accessories (2 Nos)
2.  6” Belt driven Lathe Machine with Auto feed (2 Nos)
3.  6” Belt driven Lathe Machine (2 Nos)
4.  MT3 Universal Milling Machine with Simple indexing& Vertical head attachments
5.  Universal Radial Drilling machine
6.  24” Shaping machine
7.  6” Slotting Machine
8.  18”x12”  Surface Grinding Machine with coolant attachment
9.  12” Power Hack Saw Machine
Metrology laboratory (Area: 70 Sq.m)

Metrology laboratory comprises of many precision-measuring instruments, which conform to line and end standards. Students gain knowledge on all kinds of basic measurements and quality checking using precision instruments.

1.     Tool Maker’s Microscope
2.     Vernier height Gauge
3.     Vernier caliper
4.     Digital Vernier Caliper
5.     Micrometers
6.     Bore Dial Gauge
7.     GO&NO-GO Gauge
8.     Thread plug Gauge
9.     Thread pitch Gauge
10.    Set of slip Gauges
11.    Sine bar
12.    Dial Gauges
13.    Feeler Gauge
14.    Granite Surface plate
15.    Surface roughness tester
Thermal (Internal Combustion engines) engineering laboratory (Area: 140 Sq.m)

This lab is well equipped with all types of engines and cut-section model of various engines to show the concept of valve timing. Experiments are given to know the working principle of engines, which are used in practice.

1.     Single cylinder two stroke petrol engine test rig with electrical loading
2.     Single cylinder four stroke diesel engine test rig with mechanical loading
3.     Multi cylinder four stroke petrol engine test rig with hydraulic dynamometer
4.     Three cylinder four stroke diesel engine for Assembly/disassembly
5.     Two stage Reciprocating air compressor test rig
6.     Cut section models of two stroke & four stroke IC engines for study of valve timing
7.     Boiler Models
Heat transfer laboratory (Area: 140 Sq.m)

The study of heat transfer is of great importance to engineers because of its utmost universal occurrence in many branches of science and engineering. The optimal design of heat exchangers such as boilers, radiators, refrigerators and air-conditioners requires a detailed analysis of temperature distribution and heat transfer. The laboratory is well equipped to experimentally to show the basis of heat transfer such conduction, convention and radiation.

    1. Thermal conductivity of a metal rod
    2. Heat transfer in natural convection
    3. Heat transfer in forced convection
    4. Emissivity measurement apparatus
    5. Stefan Boltzmann apparatus
    6. Thermal conductivity of a composite walls
    7. Heat transfer through Pin-Fin apparatus
    8. Parallel flow and counter flow heat exchanger
    9. Thermal conductivity measured by Lagged pipe apparatus
    10. Transient heat conduction apparatus
    11. Critical heat flux apparatus
    12. Heat transfer through concentric sphere
    13. Demonstration of Heat pipe apparatus 
CAD-CAM laboratory (Area: 132 Sq.m)

The CAD Lab provide infrastructure facilities for the students to learn ·

. Computer aided drawings at different levels using AUTOCAD software
· Design and Modelling the mechanical components using PRO-E software
· Model and simulation analysis of mechanical components under load conditions using ANSYS
· Simulation of manufacturing, part programming for real time manufacturing and interface to CNC Lathes and milling machine tools using EDGECAM software.
The fully air-conditioned lab accommodates more than 30 students. The state of the art the hardware and software facilities are as follows:


75 computers including IBM server, IBM intellistation , IBM high end workstation, IBM Dual core desktop computers, Laser printers, A3 & A1 plotters, Inkjet printers, Audio-Video system with LCD projector.


1. Auto CAD with 60 user license

2. ANSYS 13.0 finite element analysis software with 25 licenses

3. Catia V5-6R13 with 15 Licences.

4. Abacus Educational Version.

Instrumentation & control systems laboratory (Area: 70 Sq.m)

To import wide knowledge on the concepts of force, temperature, torque, speed, strain, etc., measurement using appropriate devices for each. The concept of vibration, which is being used in our day-to-day life, is studied experimentally.

    1. Calibration of Pressure gauges
    2. Calibration of Thermocouple
    3. Calibration of LVDT
    4. Calibration of Transducer
    5. Calibration of Rotameter
    6. Calibration of Capactive Transducer
    7. Measurement of Strasin using cantilever beam
    8. Speed measurement by using photo & magnetic pickups
    9. Calibration of Resistance temperature detector
    10. Measurement of Vibration 
    11. Study and calibration of Mc Leod gauge

 Thermal Engineering Lab for M Tech (Area: 70 Sq.m)

  1. 1. Multi cylinder 4-stroke Petrol Engine*
  2. 2. Dryness Fraction estimation of steam
  3. 3. Vapour Compression Test Rig
  4. 4. Air conditioning Unit
  5. 5. Solar flat Plate collector
  6. 6. Evacuative tube concentrator

*Common for UG Programme