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         Deans are appointed by the Director in specific domains of academic and general administration to assist the Director, from amongst the Professors in the Institute. The specific domains identified for the institute are:


  1. Dean(Academics)
  2. Dean (Research & Development)
  3. Dean (Internal Quality Assessment Cell)
  4. Dean (Student Welfare)


  • Dean plays an important role in taking forward the institution in a specific domain across the departments, wherein he/she is expected to strive hard to maintain uniformity and balanced growth of all the departments in their respective allotted domains.
  • The role of Dean is not confined to a particular department, as departments are well managed in all domains by the respective HODs.
  • The professors assigned with additional charge as Dean in specific domains should primarily work in tandem with HOD to strengthen the department to which they belong.
  • The role of Dean is not to interfere in day to day activities of the departments, as that tends to incursion into HODs responsibilities.
  • The Dean is nominated for a specific domain of all the departments, whereas HOD is nominated for a specific department in all the domains.
  • Dean will be directly reporting to the Director, however will keep the concerned HOD informed the same.

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