FDP on “Quantum Computing”

Registration Link: (Last Date: 05/07/2020)FDP Brochure

One Week Online Faculty Development Programme
Quantum Computing
(Delivered by Experts from Microsoft)
06th July – 11th July 2020

Target Beneficiaries: Faculty of Engineering and Research Scholars are
eligible to attend the FDP.
Course Contents:

  1. Quantum Measurements Density Matrices; Positive-Operator Valued Measure;Fragility of quantum information: Decoherence
  2. Quantum Algorithms & Circuits; Deutsch and Deutsch–Jozsa algorithms; Grover’s Search Algorithm; Quantum Fourier Transform
  3. Scalability in quantum computing; NMR Quantum Computing; Spintronics and QED approaches
  4. Quantum Superposition and Entanglement; Quantum Gates and Circuits; No cloning theorem & Quantum Teleportation; Bell’s inequality and its implications
  5. Shore’s Factorization Algorithm; Quantum Error Correction: Fault tolerance; Quantum Cryptography; Implementing Quantum Computing: issues of fidelity
  6. Linear Optical Approaches; Nonlinear Optical Approaches; Limits of the approaches; Future scope

No Registration fee is charged for attending this programme.
For Certification:
Academic (student/faculty): 500 INR (GEN/OBC) / 250 INR (SC/ST)
Industry People: 1000 INR
Others : 1000 INR

Note: Program is being offered by Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology MNIT Jaipur and coordinated by CMR Technical Campus, Hyderabad. e-certificate to all participants will be provided upon successful completion of FDP.

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