Power Backup

KVA200KW – 200
Phase3Voltage – 415 Volts
Current250 AmpPower Factor 0.8 P.F
Rated Speed1500 RpmFrequency – 50HZ
Model6SLI500TA G2
Set Serial NoF6.5607
Engine Serial NoF6.5607/1700073
Alternator Serial NoF6.FS3M117D213176
Date of Manufacture20 – APRIL – 2017

62.5 KVA KIRLOSKAR GREEN Specifications:

Model4R 1040T
Liquid Cooled
83 Bhp.Engine with Kirloskar Green
Alternator 3 Phase
Voltage415 Volts
Power Factor0.8 P.F
Engine No4H .3445/1323221
ALT NOES3A 013G175700