VLSI & Embedded System Design


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Centre for VLSI & Embedded system design established in the year 2016 with an aim to build low cost, indigenous technologies through the Research &Development (R&D). Our object is to nurture the young engineers with all skills necessary for various aspects of computer systems development through research-oriented projects.

It intensifies the practical skills of students and to be trained for the present needs of VLSI and Embedded Industry. It renders the right blend of classroom teaching & bestowing the knowledge on ASIC & FPGA design flow using front end and back end tools.

CVESD has also been providing services to the faculty members, various departments of the institution as well as the other institutions. CVESD is also consultant solution centre for the outside vendors.


To become a centre of excellence in the area of VLSI & Embedded Systems through research & consultancy.


  • Enhancing the career opportunities for students through industry-institute interaction, value added projects in cutting- edge of technology.
  • Inculcating entrepreneurial mind set in the students to make them job creators.
  • Supporting the Research & Development activities as a consultancy for industrial projects.


  • Our group is to address the research, development and design problems and advance their solutions in VLSI circuits and embedded system applications.
  • Setting up an inter-university co-operative program in which graduate students from other institutes can come from other institute and do their research projects to the facility created.
  • Running courses in embedded and VLSI for academicians and industry professionals.

Software’s / Hardware available at the Centre

1. Mentor Graphics

2. Xilinx Vivado

3. Keil µ vision 4, 5

4. Mat lab 7.1 & 9.1

5. Arduino 1.8.2

6. DSP kits (TMS 32C6713)

7. FPGA (Spartan 3e Kits)

8. Artex 7 kits