Industry Institute Interaction Cell


To become one of the Best Center of Excellence for Industrial Research in India.


To make CMR Technical campus a key node in Industrial Research, Consultancy, Continuing Education for Industry.

Objectives of IIIC:

  • To coordinate the quality of education to meet the trend of industry,
  • To produce Industry-ready students,
  • To assimilate industrial training and other inputs to develop students,
  • To offer research, development, consultancy and testing services to solve industrial problems,
  • To share the experience and expertise between institution and industry for mutual benefits,
  • To conduct other value-added programs based on industry requirements,
  • To develop good work culture among students,
  • To organize lectures by experts from industry.

Industry Institute Interaction Cell (IIIC) Members :

1Dr. Ch. Srinivasa RaoCIVILCoordinator
2Mr. K. RajanikanthMECHMember
3Dr. P. VenkatakrishnanECEMember
4Dr. K. SrinivasCSEMember
5Mr. K. Shyam KumarMBAMember

Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC)

The true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer”………..Nolan Bushnell

Based on the above intuitive word, Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC) was established in the college with the vision “Turn around the “Job seekers” into “Job Creators” in the year 2012.   The entrepreneurship is a key element in the industrial development and economic growth of the nation.  It is accomplishing the perfect union of technical proficiency, leadership and managerial skills to universal citizens and inventions in the path of entrepreneurship.

The objective of promoting entrepreneurship among the students is to nurture a passion for self-employment.  In this context, our college promoting the entrepreneurship awareness can be enhanced among the students by means of entrepreneurship awareness camps and entrepreneurship development programs with the coordination of successful entrepreneurs resulting to socio-economic development of nation.

This will open gates for creation of new knowledge-based innovative hi-tech ventures, industries and new breed of techno entrepreneurs and more avenues of employment opportunities thus turning job seekers into job creators and in the process, leading the nation towards industrial excellence and self-reliance.

“The education system should highlight the importance of entrepreneurship and prepare the students right from school and college education to get oriented towards setting up of enterprises which will provide them creativity, freedom and ability to generate wealth” — Dr. APJ. Abdul Kalam, Former President of India.


  • To understand the basic concepts of Entrepreneurship activity in our college and the connectivity between the department faculty and students.
  • To create an environment for self-employment and entrepreneurship development (ED) through formal and non-formal programmes.
  • To understand the ED Cell functionality from the perspective of AICTE and DST for institution level towards to promote employment opportunities.
  • To conduct two programs per academic year in each department to cater the importance of ED  and its magnificent features in the society.
  • To develop management personnel at appropriate levels from the student community for motivation to collect present problems in medium and small-scale industry etc.


  • Able to understand the importance of ED Cell functionality and its utilization by the student community with conducive manner.
  • Able to imaginative as a entrepreneur and its role and responsibility towards to society need (design thinking towards company or firm Integration and Organization).
  • Able to analyze the problem persisting for become as a entrepreneur through discriminating present problems from experienced people.
  • Able to impetus their self – activity related to ED for patent apply.

Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC) Members :

1Dr. P. VenkatakrishnanECECoordinator
2Dr. D. Kishore KumarMBACo-Coordinator
3Mrs. K. Ratna KumariMECHMember
5Mr.G.Vamshi KrishnaITMember
6Mr.S. SrikanthCSE[AI & ML]Member
7Ms. SandhyaraniCSE[DS]Member
8Dr. C. AmaravathiH&SMember
9Dr. K. Srujan RajuCSEAdvisor