NCC Logo

The National Cadet Corps (NCC) is the youth wing of the Indian Armed Forces with its headquarters in New Delhi, India.Tri-Services Organisation, comprising the Army, the Navy and the Air Force, engaged in developing the youth of the country into disciplined and patriotic citizens.
The emblem of the NCC consists of 3 colours; red, dark blue and light blue. These colours represent the Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Air Force respectively. The 17 lotuses indicate the 17 directorates.


The motto of NCC was started in 11th central advisory meeting (CAC) held on 11 August 1978. At that time there were many mottos in mind like “Duty and wisdom”; “Duty, Unity and Discipline”; “Duty and Unity”; “Unity and Discipline”. on 12 Oct 1980 they selected and declared “Unity and Discipline” as the motto for the NCC.

The NCC aims at developing character, comradeship, discipline, a secular outlook, the spirit of adventure and ideals of selfless service amongst young citizens.


  • NCC has enormous potential for nation building.
  • The NCC provides opportunities to the youth of the country for their all-round development with a sense of Duty, Commitment, Dedication, Discipline and Moral Values so that they become able leaders and useful citizens.

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  • The main benefits of NCC apart from personality developing skills, is the certificate you get. After completion of training and fulfilling other conditions like attendance etc, the candidate gets the certificate from the NCC.
    Based on the duration of the training, NCC offers three types of certificates.
    • ‘A’ Certificate
    • ‘B’ Certificate
    • ‘C’ Certificate


  • To fulfill the requirements expected in the latest socio-economic scenario in India.
  • To develop character, discipline, comradeship, secular outlook, ideals of selfless services and adventure spirits amongst large numbers of young citizens
  • To create a pool of trained, organized and motivated youth with various leadership qualities in every walk of their life and serve the Nation irrespective of career they choose.
  • To provide a sound environment conducive towards motivating large numbers of young people of India to join armed forces.


  • Scholarships
  • Reservation in Education
  • Security Agencies
  • Defence Benefits


1. Institutional Training.
2. Camp Training.
3. Annual Republic Day Camp
4. Prime Minister’s Rally
5. Attachment Training
6. Social Service and Community Development.7. Youth Exchange Programme (YEP).
8. Adventure Based Learning.
9. Sports.


Apart from training and preparing the youth for future challenges in NCC, cadets are given various benefits in terms of job opportunities, scholarships and financial aid in time of any tragedy while doing any NCC related activities. These incentives are announced from time to time both by the Central and State Governments. These incentives are in the field of employment as well as academics and personal including medals, trophies, cash award etc. The best incentive being
the vacancy reserved for ‘C’ certificate holders cadets for the commission as officer in the Indian Army.

Incentives By The Central Government

(a) For ‘C’ Certificate Holders. Specific vacancies in the Army, Air Force and Navy are allotted for NCC ‘C’ certificate holders. For officers there is no UPSC written exams. After application, the cadet is called directly for SSB interview, which he/she has to clear before final selection as per the merit list. The following vacancies are reserved by each service as officers :-

Army. 64 seats per year at IMA & 100 seats per year at OTA.
Navy. 06 seats per course through Naval SSB.
Air Force. 10% vacancies in all courses through Air Force SSB.
(b) 5-10% bonus marks for recruitment in ranks in Army, Navy and Air force.
(c) Bonus marks for employment in CAPF/ Para Military Forces and Department
of Telecommunication.
(d) Can apply for gazetted post in CRPF if the cadet is a graduate.
(e) Preference in State Services and also in private sectors.
(f) Employment within NCC as Whole Time Lady Officer, Girl Cadet Instructor,
Aero and Ship Modeling Instructor.
(h) In Air Force Academy 5% seats are reserved for Girls candidates holding NCC
‘C’ certificate.
(j) In OTA Chennai, seats are reserved for Girls candidates holding NCC ‘C’
certificate (Seats are notified every year)

Incentives By The Central Government

Employment Concession
Preference is given by various state governments to the NCC ‘B’/ ‘C’ certificate holders for
Recruitment in following departments:-
(a) Police Service.
(b) Transport Department.
(c) Forest Department.
(d) Excise Department.
(e) Preference to the Girl Cadets as nurses, receptionists and telephone operators.