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About the Department

The Department of MBA was established in 2009 with an intake of 60 students and has increased to 180 now. The Department induces an environment of innovative pedagogical methods and practices, sought by the industry. The department is in tune with the industry trends and the industry-academia interface is high, as students are exposed to field visits to industry. Experts are invited to have talks and seminars with the students in order to gear them up to meet the expectations of the industry and make them employable.


Our Vision

“To create an ecosystem for incubation of business knowledge and intellectual capital for Corporate challenges”

Our Mission

  • To develop global competencies by enhancing Employability skills.
  • To be a Centre of Excellence in creating and nurturing Entrepreneurship and Leadership with sensitivity towards society.
  • To contribute towards knowledge generation and dissemination, evolving ethical and value-based learning.

Program Outcomes

POs describe the skills, knowledge, and values that are expected to acquire by the students at the time of Post Graduation from the program.

P01To Understand the economical, social, and political environment and regulatory framework nationally and internationally.
P02To Understand individual moral and ethical behavior and community responsibilities towards organization and society
PO3To  Identify the customer needs and to convert the same into integrated production and distribution of goods and services and information
PO4To inculcate managerial skill, talent, and knowledge and to develop quality managers.
PO5To Develop creative thinking so as to adapt innovative problem-solving methods and predicting the future with near perfection.
PO6To acknowledge the good qualities of a  leader and to develop good leaders to lead the business.
PO7To embody knowledge, skill, and talent to address various issues pertaining to human resources.
PO8To impart knowledge of analyzing financial statement and interpreting the same for decision making
PO9To make understand financial modeling and building efficient portfolio and investment decision.
PO10To buildability to analyze the problem, identify, formulate, and use an appropriate managerial skill for obtaining its solutions.
PO11To impart integrated knowledge and to make capable to perform as management professionals to instill continued learning throughout the career.
PO12To expose contemporary issues and its impact at the micro and macro level and the methods to address.
Department Advisory Committee (DAC)
1Mr. K. Harish ReddyAssociate ProfessorHOD[email protected]
2Dr.B.D HansrajAssociate ProfessorMember[email protected]
3Dr.D.PranathiAssociate ProfessorMember[email protected]
4Mrs. S. Bhagya LakshmiAssociate ProfessorMember[email protected]
5Mrs. P. SpoorthyAssistant ProfessorMember[email protected]
Program Assessment Committee (PAC)
1Mr. K. Harish ReddyAssociate ProfessorHOD[email protected]
2Dr.D.PranathiAssociate ProfessorMember[email protected]
3Dr.T.Naresh KumarAssociate ProfessorMember[email protected]
4Dr.B.D HansrajAssociate ProfessorMember[email protected]
5Mrs. S. Bhagya LakshmiAssociate ProfessorMember[email protected]