Awards & Rankings

It is always more pleasing if the recognition is coming from external agencies rather than self proclamation. CMRTC would like to highlight about the features which took it to the current levels in the arena of higher education. The 3600 developments in several facets of excellence are presented below.

Dy. Chief Minister of Telengana Conferred Education Promotion and Development Award 2017 organised by CITD.
Received “Best Accredited Student Branch Award” consequently Fourth Time from Computer Society of India.
Received Centre of Excellence award by HR Club Mumbai.
B Sai Deepak Patel of MBA Department received World record in Most number of Martial Kicks in one Minute.
Mr. Bhaskar N of CSE Department received CSI Longest Continuous Student Branch Councellor (SBC) Award for 2nd time.
STAR Grade by IIT-Bombay Spoken Tutorial Workshops.
Ranked 2nd among Top Private Emerging Engineering Institutes in Telangana by Times of India.
Ranked 2nd among Top Most Reviewed Accredited Colleges by Career 360.
Ranked 125th among Top All India Private Engineering Colleges by The Week.
Rated A++ by Deccan Chronicle.
Listed among Top Emerging Engineering Colleges by The Outlook.
Microsoft has recognized the institute for Massively Empowered Class Room.