Staff Club


About Staff Club:

The primary goal of this Club is to furnish essential facilities for organizing a rich tapestry of cultural, recreational, and outdoor activities aimed at fostering companionship and team spirit among faculty members. By offering a diverse array of opportunities for shared experiences, including outings and excursions, the Club endeavours to cultivate a supportive and cohesive community within the institution. Moreover, these activities serve as vital outlets for relieving the daily pressures of work, promoting mental well-being, and rejuvenating spirits. Through these endeavours, the Club strives to create an inclusive environment that encourages collaboration, strengthens relationships, and enhances the overall quality of work-life balance for its members.


S.NoName Position
1Dr A Raji ReddyPatron
2Prof G. SrikanthPresident
4Mr.Y. Lakshman KumarTreasurer
5Mr.G.Pavan Kumar ReddyExecutive Member – CSE
6Mrs.G.Parvathi DeviExecutive Member – CSE(AIML)
7Mrs.V.SandyaExecutive Member – CSE(DS)
8Mrs.K. ChadrakalaExecutive Member – IT
9Mr. D.SreekanthExecutive Member – ECE
10Mr.P.Sandeep KumarExecutive Member – Civil
11Mr.L.MangeshExecutive Member – MECH
12Dr.D.Kishore KumarExecutive Member – MBA