IP Policy

CMR Technical Campus (hereafter referred to as ‘CMRTC’) is an academic Institute dedicated to excellence in teaching and research. Its activities, centred on faculty/students/ /project staff/ supporting staff/visitors are based on academic and intellectual exercise. In the era of technology domination CMRTC have to preserve the fundamental spirit of academics on one hand and have to march ahead, on the other, generate and protect knowledge generated while disseminating under the intellectual property in a more structured form. In the evolving scenario of the world today, with increasing awareness of the ‘knowledge asset’, any Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Policy is needed not only to preserve the interest of CMRTC but also to make its faculty/students /project staff/ supporting staff/ visitors aware of ‘knowledge asset and its impact on the society’.

This policy facilitates protection of the right of the Inventor(s) of CMRTC i.e. faculty/students /project staff/ supporting staff /visitors of CMRTC through the option of Intellectual property protection on a novel work. In alignment with the Vision and Mission of CMRTC, the policy favours outreach of the novel technologies developed at CMRTC. At the same time, it motivates the faculty, students and researchers of CMRTC to initiate cutting edge research and development.


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