Department of Humanities & Sciences is the most buzzing and vibrant one which forms the building blocks of an engineering career. The department is endowed with a motley lot of faculty members who with their rich experience lay a strong foundation for the academic growth and future career of each student. The department puts concerted efforts to provide necessary guidance and a sense of direction to all the students of I Year B.Tech.

In CMRTC, the H&S department of B.Tech Engineering is established in the year 2009. It is the department of Basic Sciences and Lifeskills with an intake of 780 students every year. It platforms the main streams like 3 sections of ECE, 4 sections of CSE, 2 sections of CIVIL, 3 sections of MECHANICAL. & 1 of IT.  The state of art provides excellent facilities and sophisticated infrastructure that meets the contemporary needs of the industry.

Well furnished labs with skilled and experienced lab assistants are one of the assets of the department. The motto of our department is, to render high-quality education with well qualified and experienced faculty who consciously strive to make the learning and teaching process an enjoyable experience.

The Department of H&S has well qualified, experienced, and committed faculty members holding M.Sc, M.A, M.Com, M.Phil, and Ph.D. Degrees. The students admitted into B.Tech. 1st year is from different backgrounds some of them carry a great deal of their mother tongue influence which makes them difficult to understand and speak in English as the medium of instruction is in English for all the subjects. Wherever required, course materials and handouts are given in the classes by the concerned faculty.

The success rate of the students at the end/final exams is very satisfactory during recent years. Extra class tests are conducted apart from the regular curriculum. Adequate library & laboratory facilities are available. Repetition facilities are also extended to the students for better practice in the laboratory experiments in every academic year. Sometimes personal counseling is given to the students in regard to poor attendance and poor academic performance in each academic year. Occasionally teachers are permitted to attend seminars, conferences, workshops, etc., for improvement of their professional skills so that they are well informed with the changing trends and to keep themselves abreast of all the information and are always well equipped to satisfy the intellectual needs of the students.

Sound knowledge of mathematics is considered a prerequisite for any Engineering professional to be successful in his chosen field. Physics and Chemistry are considered the basic sciences from which all Engineering branches have evolved. The students are exposed to engineering Physics and Chemistry laboratories.

In today’s world of sophisticated technology, it is imperative for every literate especially for engineering professionals to have an understanding of the environmental hazards leading to the development of eco-friendly technologies. Insights into modern management practices provide an edge for all engineering professionals in becoming successful entrepreneurs. And with the growing importance of English as a tool for global communication a lot of emphases are laid here in honing their communication skills. With the help of fully equipped ELCS and Soft Skills labs, the faculty trains the students with the focus on their personality development, positive thinking, improving their confidence levels so as to prepare them for better placements.

The Department offers the following Courses


  2. Computer Science and Engineering (Intake 240)
  3. Information Technology (Intake 60)
  4. Civil Engineering(Intake 120)
  5. Mechanical Engineering(Intake 180)


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