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1F1COVID-19 Teaching & Learning Activities

[Effective utilization of time by the faculty and students in teaching and learning activities during lockdown period]

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2F2Faculty Report – April 2020

[This form is to be filled by individual faculty for the month of April 2020]

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3F3Faculty Daily Report

[This form is to be submitted by Faculty before 6 PM on a daily basis about their activities]

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4F4Document Submission

[All the Staff / Students use this form for submission of any Certificate / Document]

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5F5Event Details

[This form is to be filled by Event Coordinator / Convener]

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6S1Laptop Availability Survey

[All the Staff / Students should fill this form for survey on Laptop facility available by an individual]

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Admission Enquiry Form

[Please submit this form regarding the course which you are interested]

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Student Request Form

[Students should submit this form along with handwritten request letter to be uploaded for any service from ADMIN Office]

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Research Publications

[Upload your Research Publications starting from January 2019 onwards. This submission will be considered for reimbursement also.]

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