Advanced Training Lab (ATL)

The higher education system in our country has grown in a remarkable way to become one of the largest systems of its kind in the world. However, the system has many issues of concern at present, like financing, course structure, management values and ethics and the final product i.e. student quality. It has been widely observed that the prescribed syllabi take care of the basics and the conceptual framework of different domains. However, there seemed to be a gap between the awareness and acumen in implementation in professional world subsequently. This motivates to invite the industry experts in helping to design a curriculum to bridge the identified gaps. Further the need to make students industry ready and help them to have a strong foundation for their future careers. It was a challenge to inculcate this lab apart from the regular course timetable. Gradually the process was streamlined and has evolved into a continuous process. Apart from coursework, this lab has gained its position as a forefront in the student gaining life-skills and increasing their success rate in job placements as well. The background work has involved the timetable setters as well as the class respective teacher/coordinator in streamlining the class for Advanced Training Lab.

  • To identify and bridge the gap between industry needs and academia.
  • To develop a curriculum in line with cutting edge technologies.
  • To encourage students to pursue real-time projects.
  • To enhance the employability skills of students.
  • To strength, the professional calibre of the faculties i.e. learns while you earn.

A separate syllabus is devised for second, third and fourth-year students based on their learning capacities and contemporary to the semester work. The courses like STAAD-PRO, CAD, MATLAB, Xilinx, ETABS, Python, IoT, BigData, and Cloud Computing are conducted by the Advanced Training Lab (ATL). Each respective batch of students pertaining to their respective years will have a stringent lecture plan in advance and also have options for certification from the companies.