CMR Group of Institutions Training Program on Critical Facility Operations Management under AWS expertise for Engineering students


CMR Group of Institutions (CMRGI) today announced that it will offer a specially designed training program on Critical Facility Operations Management to engineering students from April, 2021.The program will be offered to students pursuing electrical and mechanical engineering.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) expertise will be used as the basis to develop this training program, and to support the CMRGI faculty with the orientation and selection of students.CMRGI is providing the Critical Facility Operations Management program to enhance the knowledge for engineering students, and equip them with skills required for operations in critical facilities in data centers. The program will help open up new career prospects for students in critical facility management. Students will earn a certificate upon successful completion of the program.

The field of critical facility management is growing with increased usage of cloud computing and growth of data center infrastructure. This training program empowers students to gain operational knowledge in electrical and mechanical infrastructure used in mission-critical facilities such as data centers. The course includes pre-requisites from a technical operations perspective with an emphasis on safety and security

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Event was attended by AWS Officials and Secretary & Correspondent Shree CH Gopal Reddy, Management, Principles & T&P Head.