The department has qualified and well-experienced faculty with Post Graduate and Doctoral Degree in the field of Computer Science and Engineering. Faculty members are actively involved in research activities in the fields of their specialization. They have published a good number of research papers in International / National Journals and Conferences.


S.NoEmp IdJNTU Registration IDName of the FacultyDesignationHighest QualificationPhoto
121616786-210812-154233Dr. S Rao ChintalapudiProfessor & HODPh.D1538
2211001150402-162427Dr K MaheshAssociate ProfessorPh.D2110
321281195-160303-231436Dr Rafath SamrinAssociate ProfessorPh.D2128
421437828-210304-111918T. Deepika RoyAsst. ProfM.Tech2143
521301831-161216-113151SK. SharifAsst. Prof.M.Tech2130
621393043-160224-115827G. ParvathideviAsst. Prof.M.Tech2139
721599725-210407-100721M. RavindranAsst. ProfM.Tech2159
821563764-210401-110903Syeda Sumaiya AfreenAsst. ProfM.TechSumaiya cse
921670445-211115-122915KRM Nagendra KumarAsst.ProfM.Tech2167
1021686515-50404-51345V. Ravinder NaikAsst. ProfM.Tech2168
112194212604-21501M. SreenuAsst. ProfM.TechWhatsApp Image 2022 04 20 at 2.34.18 PM
1221930903-170213-140020Srikanth shekkaAsst. ProfM.TechWhatsApp Image 2022 04 22 at 1.11.18 PM
1321959764-150420-120719B.Swaroopa RaniAsst. ProfM.TechWhatsApp Image 2022 04 23 at 10.36.48 AM
1421978304-180717-122939Hafeena MohammadAsst. ProfM.Tech1605463380600 Passportpic Hafeena
1521996380-150409-155153B. PrashanthAsst. ProfM.TechPhoto
1622024710-220705-153009Gangaram GodaAsst. ProfM.TechWhatsApp Image 2022 07 19 at 11.11.03 AM
1722096944-200915-120524D Babu RaoAsst. ProfM.TechWhatsApp Image 2022 11 01 at 10.29.29 AM
1822103615-040712-0859S Ramachandra ReddyAsst. ProfM.TechWhatsApp Image 2022 11 01 at 10.21.14 AM
1922169242-221213-150503Gumpula AravindAsst. ProfM.TechWhatsApp Image 2022 12 10 at 1.49.43 PM
2022121566-221215-175003Yaramala NeerajaAsst. ProfM.TechWhatsApp Image 2022 12 10 at 2.33.21 PM
2122214851-160311-085551Bushra TarannumAsst. ProfM.Tech2221