Executive Body

Faculty Advisor
SAC Faculty advisor
Dr K Srujan Raju

Professor & Head of the Department

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

: hod.cse@cmrtc.ac.in
: +91 – 99664 75510

1Gaurav Mandal Gaurav MandalClub LeadA curious self-learner,
who loves technology
and believes that
technology is
important for
changing the world.
Also Hard working ,
determined person
who puts in lot of
efforts to develop the
2Bhavana Reddy bhavanaA.I LeadEnthusiastic learner
and active speaker
Also a
leader who focuses
on emerging trends
and encourages
students to upbring
themselves in
technical domains.
3Yash Raj Varma Yash Raj VarmaM.L. LeadA machine Learning
enthusiast who
focuses on
researching, building
and designing
self-running artificial
intelligence (AI)
systems to automate
predictive models.
4A Arun Deepak Arun DeepakIoT LeadEnthusiastic ,curious
nerd and freak,one of
the cloud
experts(AWS), loves
to learn and
experiment with new