Events Conducted in the A.Y : 2017 – 18

Events Conducted in the A.Y : 2017 – 18


1 5 Days FDP on “Cloud Infrastructure and services” 26-06-2018 to


Ms. Sravya  Nujella ,Technical Trainer in ICT Academy,Hyderabad   View
2 1 DAY FDP on “PYTHON ” . 14-05-2018 Ms.Sudha Reddy ,Program Trainer COIGN technologies Pvt ltd .Hyd   View
3 Students Project Expo -2018 27-03-2018 Dr.K.S. Srujan Raju  HOD-CSE and Dean student Welfare

Dr. Ashuthosh Saxena ,Professor & Dean R & Dr. Raj Kumar patra,Professor

Dr. M .Varapradad rao ,Professor

PRC Members and senior Faculty members in CSE Department , CMR  Technical Campus ,Hyd

4 Guest Lecture on “Real Problems of students , Product Development Exposure, Internship and IT Industry  and requirements   ” 21-03-2018 Mr.Ravi Shankar Kumar, Founder and CEO of Infochord Technologies Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad   View
5 Hands –on session  on “IIITH, Virtual Labs” 14-03-2018 Dr.Ravi Shanker , CSE Department,IIIT H, Hyderabad   View
6 “International Womens Day” Celebration 08-03-2018 Mrs.C.Vasanta latha Garu,Secretary od CMR Technical Campus   View
7 Guest Lecture on” Campus Drive ” 08-03-2018 Mr.M.Bhimsen,Vice President of silver peak Global Pvt Ltd   View
8 Seminar on ”Digital certificate courses ” 11-01-2018 Mr. Shanker Rao , Marketing Manager , Manipal Prolearn Hyderabad   View
9 2-Day  Workshop on “IOT” 16-10-2017 to


 Narasimhulu Cinasi, Managing  Director from Tek circuits R&D Lab   View
10 Seminar on ”cognitive services in web  based   and android applications” 08-03-2018 Mr.Hari Krishna Team lead of EDUKINECT  SOFTWARE SERVICES India Private Limited.   View
11 Guest  Lecture on” Android Application Development” 12-10-2017 N.Bharath Kumar , Chief Technical Officer from Luner Technologies   View
12 Seminar on ”Full stack Development” 05-10-2017 Mr.Rohit, Web Application Development & Product Development , Lasya  Infotech Hyderabad   View
13 Guest Lecture on” Education counselling ” 20-09-2017 Mr.Amarnath  Goud , CEO of My Dream Campus , Hyderabad & Team   View
14 Guest Lecture on “Intellectual Property Services & Patent Analytics” 07-09-2017 Mr.Naresh Kumar Reddy Yennachedu,Manager,Promatheus Patent Services PVT Ltd ,Hyd   View
   15 Inauguration of “Center  of Excellence – Internet  of Things (IOT LAB)” LAB 19-08-2017 Mr.CH . Gopal   Reddy ,Chairman,CMR Technical Campus

Dr.A Raji Reddy,Director, CMR Technical Campus

Dr.Ashutosh Saxena,Dean R&D ,CMR Techical Campus

Dr.M.Ahemad Ali Baig,Dean Academics,CMR Technical Campus

Dr.K.Srujan Raju,HOD-CSE CMR Technical Campus

Prof G.Sreekanth,HOD-ECE,CMR Techincal Campus

Prof.D.Maneiah,HOD-MECH,CMR Technical Campus

16 1-Day Workshop on “Robotics Exbition” 19-08-2017   View
17 3-Day Workshop on “ Mobile Application Developement” 16-08-2017 to


Mr G.Neeven Kumar Sr.Technical Tranier ,Coign Consultants Pvt.Ltd,hyd   View
18 Guest Lecture on “ Learn Ahead Employability” 10-08-2017 VenuGopal chepur President & CEO Samprad Professional Sevices   View
19 Seminar on “Internet of things ” 03-08-2017 Amita mulay (Business head)

Mahaboob Basha( trainer)

Atluri Bhanuchander(Asst Manager Traning) from AXELTA

20 Semianr on “Advnaced java concepts ” 03-08-2017 Mr.Saradhi from organisation of the ministry of MSME of Govt of india   View
21 Seminar on Code Complexity 03-08-2017 Mr.Neeven HCU Research Scholar   View
22 Seminar on Byndr-LMS(Learning Management System) 13-07-2017 Mr. Neerja Nath

Sr manager Byndr

23 FDP on Machine Learning and Datascience with Practical Approch For Engineering Applicatons 03-07-2017 to 08-07-2017 Dr . Ashutosh Saxena Professor  CSE ,CMRTC

Dr.T.V Rajnikanth Professor CSE ,SNIT..Hyd

Dr.Parag Kulkarni CEO shantanupathak ,Alogrithm Developement from IKNOWLATION Research Lab Pvt.Lab Pune ,India

Dr.SuryaKanth v gangashetty Professor CSE IIIT,Hyd

Dr.K Rajasekher Dy.Director General NIC,INDIA

Dr .P Radhakrishna professor of Research Infosys Research Lab,Hyd