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What is ISTE?

The Indian Society for Technical Education is a national, professional, non-profit making Society registered under the Societies Registration Act of 1860. First started in 1941 as the Association of Principals of Technical Institutions (APTI), it was converted into “Indian Society for Technical Education” in 1968 with a view to enlarge its activities to advance the cause of technological education in the country.

ISTE CHAPTER was established at CMR Technical Campus in 2012. The Chapter started with 125 staff members and continued till date with all the staff members as registered members. ISTE Student Chapter was established in 2014 at CMR Technical Campus to encourage the students and staff equally to become a member and take advantage of the various benefits of the Chapter. Every year the ISTE Student chapter of CMR Technical Campus conducts various events such as expert lectures, workshops, seminars, Industrial visits, etc. to assist staff and students for updating their technical knowledge.

The ISTE faculty and Student branch in the ECE Department is established in the year 2014 in the presence of the following dignitaries

  1. Shri Ch. Gopal Reddy, Chairman, CMRTC
  2. Dr.A.Raji Reddy, Director, CMRTC
  3. Prof G. Srikanth, HOD, ECE Dept, CMRTC
  4. Mrs.Ch.Sudhamani, Associate Professor, ECE Dept, CMRTC


  • Apply curriculum and educational processes to changing conditions.
  • Develop excellent teachers and educational administrators.
  • Improve teaching methods and practices and administrative usages.
  • Enhance Professional ideals and standards to improve academics.
  • Make an effective linkage between technical institutions, industry and society


  • Enhancing the self-confidence and self-esteem of students.
  • Conducting various competitions within the college to enhance the competency and presentation skills of students.
  • Encouraging innovation and excellence in students through various means.
  • Promoting better career development opportunities and services for students.
  • Arranging expert lectures.
  • Extending full support for all the national seminars and technical events.
  • Eligible to participate in Chapter level, Section level and National Navel Conferences, Workshops and other activities of your academic interest etc.

The major objective of the ISTE are:

* Providing quality training programmes to teachers and administrators of technical institutions to update their knowledge and skills in their fields of activity.

* To assist and contribute in the production and development of top quality professional engineers and technicians needed by the industry and other organisations.

* providing guidance and training to students to develop better learning skills and personality.

Major Benefits of becoming an ISTE Member:

A Member of a National Professional Organisation.

Joined an academic Fraternity of over 45,000 strong professional.

Preference to attend short-term training programme for the academic excellence and to become eligible for career advancement opportunities.

Getting bi-monthly Newsletter.

Quarterly Indian journal of Technical Education (at concessional rates).

Many more publications for Self Development,Institution Development,etc.( at concessional rates).

Eligible to participate in Chapter level,Section level and National Navel Conferences,Workshops and other activities of your academic interest etc.

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