AI & Deep Learning

About Centre:

Industries and companies all over the world are facing real world problem with huge repository of data and scarcity of skilled professions   in each and every field especially like  Pharma, Medical, Education, Banks,  Robotics, Agriculture , Business.. etc. A Machine level control is very much necessary in artificial cognition.

This center of Excellence is to create awareness and encourage Research level development activities in implementing new innovation and technological advancement for both faculties and students in newly emerging frontier area of Engineering and Technology. CMR Technical Campus looks forward to taken an initiative to have a center in CSE (AI &ML) department in the field of Artificial Intelligence   and Deep Learning.



  • To carry research projects and make significant contribution to Technological Advancements in AI & Deep Learning
  • To encourage faculty and students to publish technical papers in reputed National and International Journals, Conferences and Books.
  • To skill the students and faculty in AI & Deep Learning.
  • To form R&D group among the faculty members and encourage them to take part in the R&D activities in AI & Deep Learning.
  • To produce patents based on the work carried out in the research center.