About Centre


A role of Mathematics in Engineering for Analysis and understanding of any real-life research problem with a proper understanding of the basics of 1D, 2D and MD( Multi-Dimensional )which are Signals, Image and Video Processing. A role of Signal Transform which leads to multilayers such as Communications (Analog /Digital), Signal Processing (Analog/Digital) in the modern era. The centre Provides a board area of research problems to work for Under Grad, Post Grad, faculty members to gain potential in that specific domain and also provide assistance for the Research work and Research articles to publish in reputed Journal likes Scopus, SCI, Springer, Elsevier, IEEE etc.

The Center has a potential Faculty Members in the area of Signal Processing, Communications, Image & Video Processing, Antennas too.



Transforming the research ideas into reality which satisfies the needs of Society enhancement.



  1. To create the research work environment for both student and Faculty Communities.
  2. To create learning-based research work from Beginning of the course.
  3. To inculcate the concept of Interdisciplinary research work among students with all departments.
  4. To support the R&D activity from the consultancy for projects.
  5. Training the Grad Students for solving Real-time research works with the help of team CSIP to achieve great heights.


  1. To enhances the knowledge of Students with the help of ICT tools and Short Term Training Programs in fields of Signal Image Video and Antenna (SIVA).
  2. To organize Various Faculty Development Programme for Faculty and PG Students.
  3. The Centre also provide Internship programme for Under Grad and Post Grad with association with IEEE CMRTC Student Branch.
  4. The centre also provides support for Project Proposals under SERB, FIST, TARA etc., with the help of team CSIP.
  5. The Centre provides Industries tie-Up for knowledge and Technological updates enhancement for UG Grads, PG Grad.


Software’s / Hardware available at the Center

  • Matlab
  • Matlab 1.0.441655(R2016b)
  • Matlab version 9.1
  • Simulink version 8.8
  • Communication System Toolbox version 6.3
  • DSP System Toolbox version 9.3
  • Signal Processing Toolbox version 7.3
  • Image Analysis Toolbox
  • DSP Processor (TEXAS Instruments)
  • CRO
  • Spectrum Analyser
  • Function Generator