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“SAMVIDHA” a students association of MBA department have open membership for all MBA pursuing students of CMR Technical Campus. This association aims to promote professional development among the students. Further, it is also dedicated to the growth and continuance of student services and cultural enrichment on campus. Conducting various management activities, this association offer benefits that student can take advantage of in and out of the classroom. These benefits include establishing a network of contacts in  choosen fields to honing  communication, leadership, teamwork and self-management skills.



  • To make the students able to use the skills learnt in the classroom.
  • To involve the students in various activities and develop them to coordinate with diverse groups.
  • To improvise communication skills of students and make them competitive to the global world.
  • To Design and implement programs to enhance social, cultural, traditional, intellectual, recreational, service, and campus governance.
  • To conduct training and recruitment activities so as to help students to get recruited in good companies.


Association activities are conducted on every Friday for both I and II year students.

  • Guest lectures are invited to give them outside exposure
  • Industry interaction sessions are conducted to realise the students in updating the skills required.
  • Workshops are organized to impart the knowledge which is needed for future jobs


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