About Centre


Centre for  Advanced Communication Systems (Wireless, Mobile and Vehicular Communication Satellite Communication, Co-operative Communication, Cognitive Radio, RF & Microwave Communication, Telecom Networks, Device to Device and Multihop Communication, Multiuser MIMO, Massive MIMO, Information Theory and Coding, Smart Grid Communication, Secure Communication) is a start-up centre in ECE Department for the Academic Year 2017-18 which targets the needs of researchers and industry in a fast-paced and technical communications sector, which continues to bring many of the advances that make ultra-fast communications possible. The programme reflects the latest developments in communications.



To be a Research Centre with its social, ecological and economic environment striving for excellence in education, research and technological services for the society in terms of long-term technical planning.



  • To provide knowledge-based technological services to satisfy the needs of society and the industry.
  • To create and sustain a community of learning in which Aspirants acquire knowledge and learn to apply it professionally with due consideration for Technological Issues.
  • To provide an environment for enhancing Advanced Communications related Research at the Department or College Level.
  • To Collaborate with R&D industries for further Enhance.
  • To develop the solutions for addressing Technological challenges related to Advanced Communications.



  • To stimulate, encourage & enhance the quality of Research Development in Advanced Communications.
  • To conduct, contract & consultancy services for Project proposals related to Advanced Communications.
  • To provide Technical Training programs (SDP’s and FDP’s) in the field of Advanced Communication Systems for both students and Faculty.
  • To make the Activities more relevant to the Applications by including Industries and users.
  • The long-term relevance of the research will be assured by establishing future needs within the different application areas, from knowledge inside and outside the network.
  • Internships for Aspirants into communication domain Industries
  • Enabling students of CACS for Inhouse projects which will be reflected as Good Journal publications and as well serving Applications to the Society.


Software’s / Hardware available at the Centre

  • Matlab
  • Matlab 1.0.441655(R2016b)
  • Matlab version 9.1
  • Simulink version 8.8
  • Communication System Toolbox version 6.3
  • DSP System Toolbox version 9.3
  • Signal Processing Toolbox version 7.3
  • Spectrum Analyzer
  • OFDM Generation and Detection Kit
  • Frequency Synthesizer
  • Advanced Modulation Techniques Kits(PCM,DPCM,DM,ADM,FSK,PSK,ASK,DPSK,QPSK,QAM)
  • Klystron Bench
  • Gunn Diode Bench
  • VSWR Meter