1Internet of Things02nd Aug 20191 DayIEEE CMRTC Student BranchView
2Digital Signal Processing Using PYTHON04th Jan 20191 DayIEEE CMRTC Student BranchView
3International World Students Day27th Oct 20181 DayPANTECH SolutionsView
4Advanced VLSI Design using Xilinx Vivado27th January 20181 DaysGoAim Semiconductors India Pvt LtdView
5Internet of Things11th September 20182 DaysSree NidhiView
6Internet of Things2nd August 20181 DayPANTECH SolutionsView
7Cybotech 2K1828th March 20182 DaysIETE ChapterView
88th IETE Student Celebration4th Feb 20181 DayIETE ChapterView