Event Calendar


1Guest Lecture on “JavaScript & React JS Framework”29-8-2023
2Guest Lecture on “Memory Management with Stack & HEAP- Structured vs. OOP”5-9-2023
3Guest Lecture on “Peace of Mind or pieces of mind”12-9-2023
4Guest Lecture on “Digital Transformation in the industry 4.0 era”26-9-2023
5Guest Lecture on “Entrepreneurship Challenges and Opportunities”3-10-2023
6Guest Lecture on “Building AI for India”10-10-2023
7Guest Lecture on” Career Scope of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence in European Countries”17-10-2023
8Guest Lecture on “Unlocking the Potential of Artificial Intelligence: A Comprehensive Introduction”31-10-2023
9Guest Lecture on “Understanding the Software Job Market: Trends and Tools to Help you Land Your Dream Job”21-11-2023
10Guest Lecture on” Motivational Measures- Unstoppable Motivation Session”05-12-2023
11Guest Lecture on “Advances in VLSI Technology and C-DAC Skill Development Initiatives for Engineering College Students”12-12-2023
12Guest Lecture on “Abroad Adventures on a Budget: Your Passport to Overseas Education and an International Career”06-02-2024
13Guest Lecture on “Achieving Problem-Solution Fit and Product-Market Fit”13-02-2024
14Guest Lecture on “Leveraging technology and processes to help customers attain their goals is essential in today’s competitive market.”.20-02-2024
15Guest Lecture on “Unveiling the World of Technology and Entrepreneurship”27-02-2024
16Guest Lecture on “The Impact of Big Data on Business05-03-2024
17Guest Lecture on “The History and Future of Virtual Reality12-03-2024
18Guest Lecture on “The Future of Work in the Age of Automation19-03-2024
19Guest Lecture on “Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrencies”26-03-2024
20Guest Lecture on “Generative Artificial Intelligence”02-04-2024
21Guest Lecture on “The History and Impact of social media09-04-2024
22Guest Lecture on “AI and Machine Learning in Manufacturing”16-04-2024