Anti Drug Commitee

The Anti-Drug Committee of the institute has been constituted with the following members.

This comes into force with immediate effect.


1Two Faculty Members (appointed by Academic Senate)a.    Dr. K. Srinivas, HoD (CSE-DS); Ph: 9866211103

b.   Dr. D. Maneiah, HoD (MECH); Ph: 9246874863

2Two Non-Teaching Membersa.    Mr. P. R. Suresh; Ph: 9100107371

b.   Mr. V. Yougender Reddy; Ph: 9866564422

3Representative from Institute’s SecurityMr. Aman; Ph: 7993394459
4Representative from Local Police StationMr. M. Praveen Reddy; SHO, Medchal P.S.,

Ph: 9490617225

5Hostel Warden if hostel facility availablea.    Mrs. S. Sharada; Ph: 8125149083

b.   Mr. Mohan Rao; Ph: 9248727221

6One representative from students from each stream available in the Institute or as suits the Institutea.    Charan Narukulla; Ph: 63013 42605

b.   Geetha Supriya; Ph: 7995937671

c.    G N  Koushik; Ph: 8341581248

d.   J Brahmani; Ph: 9618332080

7Representative from university medical unit/local hospitalDr. K. Anil Kumar; Ph: 9059746432
8One representative from Counselling and Psychological Services of the Institute/Health Department/NGOMrs. Meenakshi Thota; Ph: 9676985092


Functions and Responsibilities:

  • To spearhead the Anti-Drug campaign and be the tool to realize a drug-free campus.
  • To be guided in its functioning by the overall objective of the Anti-Drug Policy of the Institute.