About Innovative Club

Innovative Club was inaugurated on 17th September 2014 in the presents Director, Dr. A.Raji Reddy, Ch.Vasantha latha ,Secretary,Mr. G.Srikanth HOD,ECE and Faculty Advisor & I/C Head,ECE Mr. T.Saikumar , TPO Mr. Ch.Madhav Rao and Telanagana Radio CEO Adwith Ram

Vision :

A Vibrant platform, community and Youth Centre that Provides an ignition, innovative, sustainable and realizable programs to improve individual and Community mental, emotional health and well for a good social being.


To Work in a community and Youth Center to strive for an excellence in meeting the needs of the “Complete Person” in all the aspects.


To provide support for young minds of the Nation (students).

An Inclusive environment encouragement participant from all ethnic groups.

To assist in any way possible the welfare of the wider & longer community.

Support people with life transitions.

To promote the members in learning and practical orientation of the thinking.

  Faculty Advisor
Mr.T.Sai Kumar

Associate Professor

 : +91-9849702404

 : [email protected]

The Innovative Club Registered Members

12018 – 2019200
22017 – 201866
32016 – 201759
42015 – 201665
52014 – 201560