About Student Club

Student Clubs
All the Clubs functioning in the College are branches of SAC.
Every club has to get registered with SAC by paying registration fee of Rs 1000/- annually.
For a club to function there should be minimum 50 members.
Clubs are Student centric with a designated Faculty as advisor. They are not bound with any individual Department.
The complete functioning of the Club will be handled by the Governing Body under the guidance of the designated Faculty Advisor, and in Co-ordinance with Chief Patron (Chairman), Patrons (Secretary & Director), Advisory Board and Convener SAC.
For all the Clubs, the Advisory board by default will have Deans and HODs.
The Governing body of the club will be constituted every year consisting of a President (III Year), Vice President(III Year), Secretary(III Year), Joint Secretary(III Year), Treasurer(III Year), Executive members (06 No.)(II & I Year) and Ex-Officio members (Previous years Presidents only (IV Year)).
Each Club should conduct a membership Drive in the month of June/July, wherein a Membership Card is to be issued with President and Faculty advisor signature on the card with a fee of Rs. 100/- annually.
The Clubs should publicize the membership benefits and those benefits should be made available to members without fail.
Every club is permitted to organise one event per semester only (other than College level event), wherein the dates of the events should not clash with college event or any other club event.
All the Clubs will plan their events at the beginning of the semester and submit it to SAC, where the event and dates will get approved through SAC Governing body meeting.
At the end of the academic year (i.e. second semester), before constituting new governing body, the old governing body must submit a report consisting of events conducted, achievements and financial audit.
If a club fails to conduct at least one event in the semester, its registration with SAC gets cancelled.
All the meetings of the clubs are to be scheduled after College working hours only (preferably 04:00 PM to 05:00 PM)
Any discrepancies of the club to be brought to SAC, wherein the Governing body will take the final decision.
The registered Clubs of the SAC are:
S. No

Name of the Club

Name of the President of the club

Name of the Faculty Advisor






Mrs. Evelyn Gladys


NCC- Sahaya




Mr. Tara Sai Kumar



Mr. Prem Kumar


Film & Photography

Mr. T Nagarjuna



Physical Director