About Science and Spirituality Club

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“I would like anyone to approach any spiritual practice they have, with a scientific bent of mind, In Science we don’t start with faith! In Science we are Ruthless. I would like you to have ruthless approach towards Spirituality, and see how this can take us to the next level, step by step”.

~Kamlesh D Patel

Luminos Science & Spirituality Club

Luminos Science and Spirituality Club is a platform for students to become active catalysts for spreading the ideals of Peace and Harmony by the means of Meditation, Relaxation and a value based life, with an experimenting, experiential and scientific approach.

Students engage in interactive sessions with industry experts to get career guidance and an insight into how their futures can shape up.

Students have a one-on-one mentorship session with Industry leaders to get motivated to build a good career.

The events and activities conducted by the LUMINOS play a significant role to building a sustainable development process towards securing a balanced mind and a life based on values.


Objectives of Science & Spirituality Club

The core objectives of club are as follows:

  • To helping students, inculcate a value-based life through the means of Meditation, Relaxation and Mentorship workshops
  • To Inspire students to approach life with logical thinking and inspiration
  • To Guide students into finding their suitable career paths
  • To helping student’s, discover their latent potential utilizing it to achieve excellence in their endeavours.
  • To improving interpersonal relationships and to developing an intuitive approach towards life, hence helping them to find solutions from their own Heart.
  • To learn the art of balanced existence in today’s stressful lifestyle
  • Develop Interpersonal skills and emotional quotient
  • To address issues like anxiety and inculcate methods of confidence, compassion and awareness in the youth.