About Sahaya

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“Manava Seve Madhava seva”

Vision :
SAHAYA is Sanskrit for “Help”. In SAHAYA we believe that we can provide a helping hand to all those who are devoid to accessing the facilities that are ubiquitous to people otherwise. We do this by trying to bridge the gap through friendship and support. Our organisation believes that each and every one of us has the power and spark to make a difference across the globe, and we at SAHAYA have taken the initiative to imply this across Hyderabad.

Mission :
To help the poor and needy students of our campus.

To conduct blood donation in our campus.

To conduct motivational classes for students.

To conduct tree plantation during holidays.

To organize clothes collection campaign in every month.

Sahaya Club Faculty Advisor


Assistant Professor

Department of ECE

: skdilshad.ece@gmail.com
: +91 – 9052009998

Club Members

1 2017 – 2018 188
2 2016 – 2017 163
3 2015 – 2016 128
4 2014 – 2015 69