Nanosensor Research Laboratory Facilities

Facilities List :

S. No. Equipment/facility status
1 Ultrasonic spray pyrolysis deposition system Working
2 Gas sensing characterization system(static and dynamic) Working
3 Keithley electrometer (6517B) Working
4 Programmable high temp.furnace(1200°C) Working
5 Ultrasonic bath with temperature Working
6 Highly sensitive balance Working
7 Hot air oven( 300°C) Working
8 UV-Vis spectrophotometer Working
9 Magnetic stirrers with hot plate Working
10 Autoclaves Working
11 Hot air oven Working
12 Ultrasonic bath Working
13 Two probe resistance measurement setup Working

Other Facilities

  • High precision balance
  • Ultrasonicator with temperature controller
  • Magnetic stirrers
  • Hot air ovens
  • Autoclaves
  • Two probe resistance measurement

*** Other Nanomaterials Synthesis Facilities like sol-gel, hydro-thermal, co-precipitation and Chemical Bath Deposition etc.