Nanosensor Research Laboratory Research Projects

Department of Physics
S. No.Title of the R & D project or research grantThe Sanctioning agency, and date of sanctionNames of the principal and Co-investigatorsSanction Amount Rs. LakhsStatus of the Project (Completed/on-going)
1)  R & D Projects Sanctioned
1Metal oxide nanocomposites for BTEX sensor applicationSERB-DST, India.


PI: Dr. P.Nagaraju28.6On-going
2Co-doped ZnO thin films for toxic VOC sensingIGCAR-UGC DAEPI: Dr. P.Nagaraju

Co-PI: Dr. Y.Vijayakumar

3Synthesis and characterization of TiO2 based hybrid photoanodes for low cost and high efficiency dye-sensitized solar cellsSERB-DST, IndiaPI: Dr. Y.Vijayakumar49.83Awaiting for approval