S.NOTitle of paperName of the author/sName of journalYear of publicationISSN numberDocument
1Implementation of Speed-Efficient Key-Scheduling Process of AES for Secure Storage and Transmission of DataKumar, T.M.; Balmuri, K.R.;Marchewka, A.; BidareDivakarachari,P.; Konda, SSensors202114243210View
2An advance of complex multifaceted root learning for Parkinson behavior using subthalamic nucleus biomarkersVenkateshwarla Rama Raju*, Kavitha Rani Balmuri, Konda Srinivas, G. MadhukarIP Indian Journal of Neurosciences20212581-916XView
3MER Signal Acquisition of STN-DBS Biomarkers in Parkinson`s: A machine learning auto regression approachVenkateshwarla Rama Raju, Kavitha Rani Balmuri, Konda Srinivas, G. MadhukarIP Indian Journal of Neurosciences20212581-916XView
4Adaptive Closed-Loop Deep Brain Stimulator Coding Techniques for Target Detections in Parkinson’sVenkateshwarla Rama Raju,Dabbeta Anji Reddy,D. Narsimha, Konda Srinivas,Balmuri Kavitha RaniIETE Journal of Research20213772063View
5Dynamic Route Discovery Using Modified Grasshopper Optimization Algorithm in Wireless Ad-Hoc Visible Light Communication NetworkSharmila Vadivel Srinivas Konda , Kavitha Rani Balmuri , Andrzej Stateczny , and B. D. ParameshachariElectronics20212079-9292View
6Prediction of Muscular Paralysis disease based on hybrid feature extraction with Deep Learning TechniquePrabu Subramani , Srinivas K , Kavitha Rani B , Sujatha R , Parameshachari B DPersonal and Ubiquitous Computing20211617-4917View
7Automated Evaluation of Telugu Text Essays Using Latent Semantic AnalysisM Varaprasad Rao, B Kavitha Rani, K Srinivas, G MadhukarTurkish Journal of Computer and Mathematics Education20211309-4653View
8VIDEO RECOMMENDER SYSTEM BY ANALYSING USER’S HISTORICAL BEHAVIOUR SIMULATING NETFLIX RECOMMENDER SYSTEMG.DivyaThe International journal of analytical and experimental modal analysis20210886-9367View
9Two Way Distributed Sequential Pattern Mining using Fruitfly Algorithm along with Hadoop and Map Reduce Frame WorkV. Malsoru, A. R. Naseer A. R., G. Narsimha,International Journal of Computer Aided Engineering and Technology  – Inderscience20211757-2657View
10IoT Based Over Speeding Vehicles DetectionM. SivajyothiA Journal Of Composition Theory20210731-6755View
11Farmer Eco Friendly Recommendation SystemARFA MAHWISHJournal of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Research20212349-5162View
12“Telugu Text Summarization Using LSTM Deep Learning”,BKavithaRani, MVaraprasadRao, KSrinivas, G.Madhukarpensee journal20200031-4773View
13Prediction Of Heart Disease Using Hybrid Linear RegressionK. Srinivas, B. Kavitha Rani, M,Varaprasada Rao, RajkumarPatra. G. MadhukarJournal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine20202515-8260View
14Induced micro lesion effect on cardinal motor features of Parkinson‘s: A study with iMER signals of subthalamic-nuclei deep brain stimulations (Electrode-Implantation) by DBSVenkateshwarla Rama Raju*, Srinivas Konda, Kavitha Rani Balmuri, Anvesh BalabhadraEuropean Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine20202515-8260View
15Corticosteroid Usage Trend And Their Focus Effects In Patients of Dermatology Using Machine LearningK. Srinivas, B. Kavitha Rani, M,Varaprasada Rao, RajkumarPatra. G. MadhukarEuropean Journal of Translational and Clinical Medicine20202515-8260View
16A Study of Quantum Computing and Quantum Diamond Microscope Techniques to Advance NeuroimagingVenkateshwarla. Rama Raju,Rama Raju, Srinivas Konda, Kavitha Rani BalmuriINTERNATIONAL RESEARCH JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY(IRJET)20202395-0056View
17A study of novel molecules for Parkinson’s disease treatment molecular mechanisms of neurodegenerative complexities and brain protectionVenkateshwarlaRamaRaju, YHarishankarReddy,


Srinivas Konda, Kavitha Rani Balmuri

IP Indian Journal of Neurosciences20202581-916XView
18Differentiation of Brain Sub-Cortical-Structures with Effective Micro Neuro Sensors Recording Based Support Vector Machines through Deep Brain Stimulator in Parkinson`s DiseaseVenkateshwarla Rama Raju, Dabbeta Anji Reddy3, Narasimha4, Srinivas Konda, Kavitha Rani Balmuri, Madhukar GundaInternational Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (IRJET)20202395-0056View
19MER based analysis of local field potentials with deep brain stimulation subthalamic nucleus in Parkinson’s disease using coherence and entropy techniquesVenkateshwarla RamaRaju, SrinivasKonda,Kavitha Rani Balmuri,

Anvesh Balabhadra


IP Indian Journal of Neurosciences20202581-8236View
20Circuitous Goal of bSTN deep brain stimulator in Parkinson disease: A study with fusion MRI guided by Computed Axial tomography and micro neuro sensor recording MER techniquesVenkateshwarlaRamaRaju, SrinivasKonda,


IP Indian Journal of Neurosciences20202581-916XView
21Convolution Neural Networks for Binary ClassificationK.Srinivas, B.Kavitha Rani, M.Varaprasad Rao, G.Madhukar, and B.VenkataRamanaJournal of ComputationalandNano science20201546-1955View
22Big High Utility Sequential Patterns Mining Algorithm along with Hadoop and Map Reduce FrameworkV. Malsoru, A. R. Naseer, G. NarsimhaJournal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology20201992-8645View
23Traffic Sign Classification using Deep Inception Based Convolutional NetworksD. NIKITHA BAI , R. BHARADWAJ , CH. VARSHINI , CH.CHALAPATHI RAO , DR. B. KRISHNAParishodh Journal20202347-6648View


S.NOName of FacultyName of the Award/RecognitionName of the awarding bodyYear of AwardDocument
1Dr. B. Kavitha RaniWoman Researcher AwardInternational Journal for Innovative Engineering and Management Research2020View
2Dr. B. Kavitha RaniIvidia Deep learning Institute Certification of CompetencyNVIDIA2020View
4M. SivajyothiMentor for the Online Certification CourseNPTEL-SWAYAM2021View
5Dr. V. MalsoruMentor for the NPTEL online Certificate Course “Big Data Computing” Jul-Dec 2021NPTEL and SWAYAM2021View
6G.DivyaReal Time SystemsNPTEL-SWAYAM2021View


S.NOName of FacultyTitle of the Book/Chapters PublishedTitle of the PaperTitle of the proceedings of the conferenceName of the conferenceNational / InternationalYearISBN/ISSN NoAffiliating Institute at the time of publicationDocument
1K. Thirupathaiah; Kavitha Rani Balmuri; Srinivas KondaNanoplasmonic Multiband Band Pass Filters For THz Wireless CommunicationsIEEE 2021 IEEE Research and Applications of Photonics in Defense Conference (RAPID)International2021978-1-6654-2223-9Nanoplasmonic Multiband Band Pass Filters For THz Wireless Communications | IEEE Conference Publication | IEEE XploreView


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