The department has been giving importance to the development of computer labs by procuring the state of the art hardware and licensed software. At present, the departmentt has installed 160 high configured systems connected to 1 servers that include Linux server and Windows server.

The department has state of art laboratories with 160 high-end computers placed in air-conditioned laboratories all of which are connected in LAN. The Internet access at 100 Mbps speed ( Internet with 100 Mbps by Vainavi Industries Pvt. Ltd. (Primary) &  Internet with 64 Mpbs by Vainavi Industries Pvt. Ltd. (Secondary) ) dedicated leased line available for students to access the internet via wired or wireless.

The following laboratories are established and are well equipped as per the curriculum requirements.

S.NoLab CodeName of the LabLab NumberSoftwaresLab InchargeLink For the Geotagged Photos
120CS504PCSoftware Engineering Lab109Computer Systems with Rational Rose/ Star UML/
UML Graph / Topcased installed
D.Mahesh babu/G.SruthiView
20CS604PCMachine learning LabComputer Systems with any Python (IDE) software
20CS406PCPython LabComputer systems with Python installed
220CS307PCData Structure using C Lab110Computer systems with C Compiler installed.G Menaka/G.SruthiView
20CS631PEBig Data Analytics LabComputer System with Hadoop Installed
20CS632PENetwork Programming LabComputer Systems with Linux OS and C software
20CS633PEScripting Languages LabComputer Systems with Linux OS and Ruby, TCL,
Perl installed
20CS634PEMobile Application Development LabComputer Systems with Android Tool kit (open
Source software) installed
20CS635PESoftware Testing Methodologies LabComputer Systems with WinRunner installed
319IT703PCInformation Security Lab113Computer System with C Compiler and JDK installedArfa mahvish/B.AdithyaView
20CS408PCOS LabComputer systems with Linux and C installed.
420CS306PCOOPS Through Java Lab114Computer systems with MySQL and JDK installedK. Chandrakala/AnjaliView
20CS407PCDBMS LabComputer systems with OS & MySQL installed
520CS505PCComputer Networks & Web Technologies Lab115Computer Systems with any one Programming
language software installed
Ramesh Babu/AnjaliView
20CS605PCCompiler Design LabComputer Systems with Linux, C Compiler, Lex and Yacc installed

Class Rooms & Seminar Halls


S.NOClass Room/Seminar HallCapacityLink for Geo Tagged Photo
1Room No 24566View
2Room No 24766
3Room No 24966
4Room No 12566
5Room No 34566


S.NOClass Room/Seminar HallCapacityLink for Geo Tagged Photo
1Room No 24566View
2Room No 24766
3Room No 24966
4Room No 12566
5Seminar Hall – 207150