Faculty Development Programs (FDP)

1One Week FDP on “Microsoft PowerBI” in association with ICT Academy3003rd Oct – 07th Oct 2023View
2One Week FDP on “Full Stack Web Development using ReactJS and NODEJS”5025th Sep – 30th Sep 2023View
3One Week FDP on “Python (Computer Applications)” in association with IIT Bombay Spoken Tutorials10012th June – 17th June 2023View
4One Week FDP on “Arduino (Robotics)” in association with IIT Bombay Spoken Tutorials10005th June – 10th June 2023View
5One Week FDP on “SCILAB (Science/Engineering)” in association with IIT Bombay Spoken Tutorials10029nd May – 06th June 2023View
6One Week FDP on “R (Economics/Maths/Stastics)” in association with IIT Bombay Spoken Tutorials10022nd May – 27th May 2023View
7Faculty Development Program (FDP) on AWS Cloud Practitioners in association with ICT Academy2505th December – 09th December 2022View
8Faculty Development Program (FDP) on Machine Learning in associtation with COIGN Consultants PVT Ltd5216th August – 21st August 2021View
9Faculty Development Program (FDP) on Python 3.4.3 conducted by IIT Bombay Spoken Tutorials5810th – 15th May 2021View
10Online Faculty Development Programme& Two Weeks Certificate Program on “Machine Learning & Computer Vision”14529th June – 08th Jully 2020View
11One Week Faculty Development Program on ICT Tools for Teaching, Learning Process and Institutes organized by Electronics and ICT Academies at MNIT Jaipur, NIT Patna, IIT Guwahati10013th January – 17th January 2020View
12One Week Faculty Development Program on Natural Language Processing organized by Electronics and ICT Academies at MNIT Jaipur, NIT Patna1006th January – 10th January 2020View
13One Week Faculty Development Program on AI and Machine Learning organized by Electronics and ICT Academies at IIT Roorkee, MNIT Jaipur, NIT Patna10023rd December – 27th December 2019View
14One Week Faculty Development Program on Deep Learning and Applications organized by Electronics and ICT Academies at NIT Warangal,  MNIT Jaipur, NIT Patna1009th December – 13th December 2019View
15One Week Faculty Development Program on Python Programming with Industry Perspective organized by Electronics and ICT Academies at MNIT Jaipur, NIT Patna1002nd December – 6th December 2019View
16“Cloud Infrastructure and Services” by ICT Academy4726th – 30th June – 2018View
17 Infosys -TASK – FEP906th – 8th July – 2015View


2NCCSIGMA – 2K1924th – 25th January – 20192 DaysView
3NCCSIGMA – 2K1617th – 18th December – 20162 DaysView
 4SEMCCO 201518th – 19th December – 20152 DaysView
5IC3T – 2K1524th – 26th July – 20153 DaysView
6IC3T – 2K1428th – 29th March – 20142 DaysView


1Session on “Criteria for Patenting – Intellectual Property Rights”10026th April 2024IIC 6.0 CMRTCMore Details
2Demo day on Intra Institution Business plan Competition(Igniting Innovation of Business Plan)10002nd April 2024IIC 6.0 CMRTCMore Details
3Session on  “Dream, Plan, Achieve: Blueprint for Career Success”20027th Feb 2024CMRTCMore Details
4Session on “Leveraging technology and processes to help customers attain their goals is essential in today’s competitive market”20020th Feb 2024CMRTCMore Details
5Session on “Achieving Problem-Solution Fit and Product-Market Fit”20013th Feb 2024CMRTCMore Details
6Session on “ Abroad Adventures on a Budget: Your Passport to Overseas Education and an International Career”20006th Feb 2024CMRTCMore Details
7One Day Project Expo on “Inspiring Technologies for Aspiring Engineers”18009th Jan 2024IIC 6.0 CMRTCMore Details
8Session on “Machine Learning” by Dr Parag Kulkarni20016th Dec 2023CMRTCMore Details
9Session on “Artificial Intelligence in space and science technology ”20015th Dec 2023CMRTCMore Details
10Two Day Workshop on “Computer Gaming”10012th & 13th Dec 2023CMRTCMore Details
11Session on “C-DAC Skill Development Initiatives for Engineering College Students”20012th Dec 2023CMRTCMore Details
12Two Day Workshop on “Ethical Hacking”10005th & 06th Dec 2023CMRTCMore Details
13Session on “Motivational Measures – Unstoppable Motivation Session”20005th Dec 2023CMRTCMore Details
14Session on “High in Demand and High Paying Job Opportunities in Emerging Technologies”20028th Nov 2023CMRTCMore Details
15Session on “Understanding the Software Job Market: Trends and Tools to Help You Land Your Dream Job”20021st Nov 2023CMRTCMore Details
16Session on “National Education Policy 2020”20011th Nov 2023CMRTCMore Details
17Session on “Unlocking the Potential of Artificial Intelligence: A Comprehensive Introduction”20031st Oct 2023CMRTCMore Details
18Session on “Career Scope of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence in European Countries”15017th Oct 2023CMRTCMore Details
19Session on ““Building AI for India”20010th Oct 2023CMRTCMore Details
20Session on ” “Entrepreneurship: Challenges and Opportunities”20003th Oct 2023CMRTCMore Details
21workshop on “Entrepreneurship and Innovation as career opportunity”10026th Sep 2023IIC 6.0More Details
22Session on “Digital Transformation in the Industry 4.0 era”15026th Sep 2023CMRTCMore Details
23Session on ” Smart India Hackathon  on Technology Bucket  “15020th Sep 2023CMRTCMore Details
24First Year Induction Program50002nd & 05th Sep 2023CMRTCMore Details
25Session on ” Peace of mind or Pieces of Mind “20012th Sep 2023CMRTCMore Details
26Session on “”Memory Management with Stack and Heap”10005th Sep 2023CMRTCMore Details
27Session on “Java Script and ReactJS Framework”20029th Aug 2023CMRTCMore Details
28Association Activity “Academics and Placements”5022nd Aug 2023CMRTCMore Details
29Event on “Innovation and Entrepreneurship Outreach program in school-“Applications of AI”20012th July 2023CMRTCMore Details
30Session on “Design Thinking methodology :Problem Discovery in Health Care”20004th July 2023CMRTCMore Details
31Association Activity on “Demystifying Generative AI”20024th June 2023CMRTCMore Details
32Session on “Inside Microsoft: Learn from a software engineer”20020th June 2023CMRTCMore Details
33Session on ” A brief overview of the virtual labs “20013th June 2023CMRTCMore Details
34Session on “Intellectual Property Rights: Safeguarding Your Ideas” on 08-06-20233008th June 2023CMRTCMore Details
35Technical Event20006th June 2023CMRTCMore Details
36Technical Event – Part 215009th May 2023CMRTCMore Details
37Technical Event15002nd May 2023CMRTCMore Details
38Session on  “Accelerating Innovation and Creativity: Role of Women and IP”10026th Apr 2023IIC, CMRTCMore Details
39IIT Bombay Spoken Tutorial Exam20025th Apr 2023CMRTCMore Details
40Association Activity on “Drone Technology & Innovation”20011th Apr 2023CMRTCMore Details
41Session on “Cyber Security”20028th Mar 2023CMRTCMore Details
42Session on “Internet of Things”10021st Mar 2023CMRTCMore Details
43Session on “Business Model Canvas-An Approach for Converting Idea into Business Model “10017th Mar 2023CMRTCMore Details
44Guest Lecture on “Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning”20014th Mar 2023CMRTCMore Details
45Expert Talk on “Process of Innovation Development, Technology Readiness Level (TRL)”6025th Jan 2023CMRTCMore Details
46Online Exam on NeoPAT tool13018th Jan 2023CMRTC
47Guest Lecture on “Chabot’s for conversation”13011th Jan 2023CMRTCMore Details
48Workshop on “Machine Learning”10006th Jan 2023 to 07th Jan 2023CMRTCMore Details
49Association Activity “KASCADE” in association with IIT Kharagpur35004th Jan 2023CMRTCMore Details
50Association Acivity “Introduction to Cloud Computing through Azure”35028th Dec 2022CMRTCMore Details
51Association Activity “Introduction to Blockchain and Industry Use Cases”25021st Dec 2022CMRTCMore Details
52Association Activity “Industry Oriented Project Awareness”15021st Dec 2022CMRTCMore Details
53Industrial Visit to THub20024th Nov 2022CMRTCMore Details
54Three Day Workshop on Web Development10017th to 19th Nov 2022CMRTCMore Details
55CodoHolics “Aarambh”14th to 16th Nov 2022CMRTCMore Details
56Ethical Hacking Workshop5011th to 12th Nov 2022CMRTCMore Details
57Study Abroad Seminar10010th Nov 2022CMRTCMore Details
58Problem Solving and Ideation8507th Nov 2022IIC 5.0More Details
59Ethical Leadership822nd Oct 2022CSIMore Details
60Intel Club’s Maveric30504th May 2022  to 05th May 2022Intel ClubMore Details
61Webinar on The Role of IPR in Academic Innovation9526th April 2022IIC 4.0More Details
62Industrial Visit to Atal Incubation Centre6018th and 19th April 2022IIC 4.0More Details
63HackForEt Hackathon347 Teams11th to 15th April 2022CodeChef CMRTC ChapterMore Details
64Python Certification course25001st April 2022AIMER SOCIETYMore Details
65Webinar on Future of Blockchain & Cryptocurrency15016th April 2022Crypto UniversityMore Details
66Technovanza 2.018th and 19th March 2022IIC 4.0 CMRTCMore Details
67IPR Awareness Program15010th March 2022IIC 4.0 CMRTCMore Details
68Think Tank – Pool of Concepts  2022124 Teams19th Feb 2022IIC 4.0 CMRTCMore Details
69Workshop on Web Development5019th & 26th Dec 2021IIC 4.0 CMRTCMore Details
70IDEAtion – Innovation – Interaction11720th  November 2021IIC 4.0 CMRTCMore Details
71Session on Design Thinking, Institution’s Innovation Cosuncil6512th November 2021IIC 4.0 CMRTCMore Details
72NOCODE Workshop509th – 10th November 2021Indian ServersMore Details
73Workshop on Process Design and Development-Prototyping5029th April 2021IIC 4.0 CMRTCMore Details
74Workshop on Patent Facilitation Centre Awareness Programme – 20215609th April 2021CSIMore Details
75A webinar on “INNOVATION AND DESIGN THINKING”15030th Dec 2020CSIMore Details
76A webinar on “Idea validation and creating viable business plan”12322nd Dec 2020CSIMore Details
77A Motivation Session on “THE STORY OF A SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEUR”11516th Dec 2020CSIMore Details
78SDP on Python Programming41015th July to 30 July 2020CSIMore Details
79One Day NVIDIA Online Certification Workshop on “Fundamentals of Deep Learning for Multiple Data Types”12407th July 2020Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology MNIT JaipurMore Details
80One-Day Hands on Workshop “BUILDING CHATBOTS”10014-02-2020SmartBridgeMore Details
81Workshop “Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence”2109th January 2020CSIMore Details
82Workshop on “GCP Study Jam-2”5706th January 2020CSIMore Details
83Lecture on “Career Guidance”10002nd January 2020CSIMore Details
84 5-Day Workshop on “ADX-201 Salesforce Administration Training”5029th October 2019 to 02th November 2019ICT AcademyMore Details
854-Day Workshop on “Internet of Things hands-on Workshop”21021th September 2019 to 24th September 2019Cloud Chip TechnologiesMore Details
86Seminar on “Digital Marketing and Higher Educational Opportunities”15006th September 2019TechnoversMore Details
87“Augmented & Virtual Reality” Application Development7022nd & 23rd August 2019IIT Bombay SymposiumMore Details
88Seminar on “Cyber Security”6508-08-2019CSIMore Details
89Seminar on  “Technology Trends & the Role of Data”6508-08-2019SwechaMore Details
90Seminar on “Path to Employability” Awareness Programme7001st August 2019DeloitteMore Details
91Seminar on Block Chain Technology10001st August 2019AirCave TechnologiesMore Details
92Seminar on “Career Motivation”15018th July 2019Suntek Pvt LtdMore Details
93Lecture on “Latest Technologies”15018th July 2019CSIMore Details
94Mobile Developer Fest (MDF) by Google Developers40926th & 27th July 2018Google DevelopersMore Details
95Mobile Application Development Open Hack, Level-I6816th Aug – 18th Aug 2018COIGN Consultants Pvt.LtdMore Details
96Mobile Application Development Open Hack, Level-II6824th Aug – 25th Aug 2018
97Ethical Hacking10031st Jan – 1st Feb 2018Indian ServersMore Details
98CRUD Application Development3812th Oct – 14th Oct 2017Infochord Technologies Pvt.LtdMore Details