Parent Teacher Meeting held on 04-05-2024

Session on “Criteria for Patenting – Intectlectual Property Rights” on 26-04-2024

Demo day on Intra Institution Business plan Competition(Igniting Innovation of Business Plan) on 02-04-2024

Session on “Leveraging technology and processes to help customers attain their goals is essential in today’s competitive market” on 20-02-2024

Session on “Achieving Problem-Solution Fit and Product-Market Fit” on 13-02-2024

Session on “ Abroad Adventures on a Budget: Your Passport to Overseas Education and an International Career” on 07-02-2024

One Day Project Expo on “Inspiring Technologies for Aspiring Engineers” on 09-01-2024

Session on “Machine Learning” by Dr Parag Kulkarni on 16-12-2023

Session on “Artificial Intelligence in space and science technology” by Dr. Deepak Mishra ,Head of the Department of Avionics at the Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology on 15-12-2023

Association on “C-DAC Skill Development Initiatives for Engineering College Students” on 12-12-2023

Two Day Workshop on “Computer Gaming” from 12-12-2023 to 13-12-2023

Parent Teacher Meeting for II Year Students on 09-12-2023


Two Day Workshop on “Ethical Hacking” from 05-12-2023 to 06-12-2023

Association Activity on “Motivational Measures – Unstoppable Motivation Session” on 05-12-2023

Association activity on “High in Demand and High Paying Job Opportunities in Emerging Technologies” on 28-11-2023

Association activity on “Understanding the Software Job Market: Trends and Tools to Help You Land Your Dream Job” on 21-11-2023

Association activity on “National Educational Policy” on 11-11-2023

Association activity on “Unlocking the potential of Artificial Intelligence: A Comprehensive Introduction” on 31-10-2023

Association activity on “Career Scope for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence in European Countries” on 17-10-2023

Association activity on “Building AI for India” on 10-10-2023

Association activity on “Entrepreneurship: Challenges and Opportunities” on 03-10-2023

FDP on “Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst Associate” from 03-10-2023 to 07-10-2023

workshop on “Entrepreneurship and Innovation as career opportunity” on 26-09-2023

Session on “Digital Transformation in the Industry 4.0 era” on 26-09-2023

FDP on “Full Stack Web Development using ReactJS and NodeJS” from 25-09-2023 to 29-09-2023

Session on “Smart India Hackathon on Technology Bucket” on 19-09-2023

Association Session on ” Peace of mind or Pieces of Mind “ on 12-09-2023

Session on “Memory Management with Stack and Heap” on 05-09-2023

First Year Orientation Session

Session on “Java Script and ReactJS” on 29-08-2023″

Association Activity “Academics and Placements” on 22-08-2023

Faculty Orientation Program

Internal Department Audit from 09-08-2023 to 12-08-2023

Event on “Innovation and Entrepreneurship Outreach program in school-“Applications of AI” on 12-07-2023

Session on Design “Thinking methodology :Problem Discovery in Health Care” on 04-07-2023

Association Activity on “Demystifying Generative AI” on 24-06-2023

Association Session on “Inside Microsoft: Learn from a software engineer” on 20-06-2023

Association activity on “ A brief overview of the virtual labs “collaborate with IIIT Hyderabad on 13-06-2023

Session on “Intellectual Property Rights: Safeguarding Your Ideas” on 08-06-2023

Technical Event Activity on 06-06-2023

Technical Event Activity on 09-05-2023

Technical Event Activity on 02-05-2023

IIC session on “Accelerating Innovation and Creativity: Role of Women and IP” on 26-04-2023

IIT Bombay Spoken Tutorial Exam on 25-04-2023

Association Activity on “Drone Technology & Innovation” on 11-04-2023

Association Activity “Cyber Security” on 28-03-2023

Association Activity on “Internet of Things ” 21-03-2023

II Year Students Visited T-Hub on 18-03-2023

IIC Driven Activity on Session on “Business Model Canvas-An Approach for Converting Idea into Business Model ” 17-03-2023

Association Activity on “Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning” 15-03-2023

Womens Day Celebrations

PayPal Training

Inauguration of Student Enablement Program Center of Excellence for Youth Empowement on 20-02-2023

Expert Talk on “Process of Innovation Development, Technology Readiness Level (TRL) on 25-01-23

IIT Bombay Spoken Tutorial Exam on 25-01-2023

Neo PAT Online Exam on 18-01-2023

ASSOCIATION ACTIVITY “Chabot’s for conversation” 11-01-2023

WORKSHOP ON “MACHINE LEARNING” 06-03-2023 to 07-01-2023


Faculty Development Program (FDP) on AWS Cloud Practitioners in association with ICT Academy from 05-12-2022 to 09-12-2022

Visit to THUB on 24-11-2022

INTEL Club’s MAVERIK – Technical Quiz – May 4 & 5 2022

Session on “Road map to successful placements” by Mr. Ganesh, Brain O vision.

Interaction with Placed Students

Team of Students Visited ATAL Incubation Centre