Association activity on “Understanding the Software Job Market: Trends and Tools to Help You Land Your Dream Job” on 21-11-2023

Association activity on “National Educational Policy” on 11-11-2023

Association activity on “Unlocking the potential of Artificial Intelligence: A Comprehensive Introduction” on 31-10-2023

Association activity on “Career Scope for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence in European Countries” on 17-10-2023

Association activity on “Building AI for India” on 10-10-2023

Association activity on “Entrepreneurship: Challenges and Opportunities” on 03-10-2023

FDP on “Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst Associate” from 03-10-2023 to 07-10-2023

workshop on “Entrepreneurship and Innovation as career opportunity” on 26-09-2023

Session on “Digital Transformation in the Industry 4.0 era” on 26-09-2023

FDP on “Full Stack Web Development using ReactJS and NodeJS” from 25-09-2023 to 29-09-2023

Session on “Smart India Hackathon on Technology Bucket” on 19-09-2023

Association Session on ” Peace of mind or Pieces of Mind “ on 12-09-2023

Session on “Memory Management with Stack and Heap” on 05-09-2023

First Year Orientation Session

Session on “Java Script and ReactJS” on 29-08-2023″

Association Activity “Academics and Placements” on 22-08-2023

Faculty Orientation Program

Internal Department Audit from 09-08-2023 to 12-08-2023

Event on “Innovation and Entrepreneurship Outreach program in school-“Applications of AI” on 12-07-2023

Session on Design “Thinking methodology :Problem Discovery in Health Care” on 04-07-2023

Association Activity on “Demystifying Generative AI” on 24-06-2023

Association Session on “Inside Microsoft: Learn from a software engineer” on 20-06-2023

Association activity on “ A brief overview of the virtual labs “collaborate with IIIT Hyderabad on 13-06-2023

Session on “Intellectual Property Rights: Safeguarding Your Ideas” on 08-06-2023

Technical Event Activity on 06-06-2023

Technical Event Activity on 09-05-2023

Technical Event Activity on 02-05-2023

IIC session on “Accelerating Innovation and Creativity: Role of Women and IP” on 26-04-2023

IIT Bombay Spoken Tutorial Exam on 25-04-2023

Association Activity on “Drone Technology & Innovation” on 11-04-2023

Association Activity “Cyber Security” on 28-03-2023

Association Activity on “Internet of Things ” 21-03-2023

II Year Students Visited T-Hub on 18-03-2023

IIC Driven Activity on Session on “Business Model Canvas-An Approach for Converting Idea into Business Model ” 17-03-2023

Association Activity on “Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning” 15-03-2023

Womens Day Celebrations

PayPal Training

Inauguration of Student Enablement Program Center of Excellence for Youth Empowement on 20-02-2023

Expert Talk on “Process of Innovation Development, Technology Readiness Level (TRL) on 25-01-23

IIT Bombay Spoken Tutorial Exam on 25-01-2023

Neo PAT Online Exam on 18-01-2023

ASSOCIATION ACTIVITY “Chabot’s for conversation” 11-01-2023

WORKSHOP ON “MACHINE LEARNING” 06-03-2023 to 07-01-2023


Faculty Development Program (FDP) on AWS Cloud Practitioners in association with ICT Academy from 05-12-2022 to 09-12-2022

Visit to THUB on 24-11-2022

INTEL Club’s MAVERIK – Technical Quiz – May 4 & 5 2022

Session on “Road map to successful placements” by Mr. Ganesh, Brain O vision.

Interaction with Placed Students

Team of Students Visited ATAL Incubation Centre