MoU’s [Memorandum of Understanding]

The Department of CSE has tie-up with the following  Industries


S.NO Company / IndustryYearActivities under each MoUDetails
1EduSkills2023Skill Development, Certified Courses, Internship and Outcome based TrainingsView
2Pantech e Learning2022Skill Development, Certified Courses, Internship and Outcome based TrainingsView
3Visual Path2022Educational ActivitiesView
4Crypto University2022Educational ActivitiesView
5Artificial Intelligence Medical and Engineering Researchers Society2021For Research ActivitiesView
6Capgemini2021Employability Skills Development programView
7RPG Foundation2019Employability Skills Development programView
8LINCOLN University, Malaysia2019For Research ActivitiesView
9Wipro-TalentNext 20192019Employability ActivitiesView
10Virtusa-Centre of Excellence on Java2019Employability ActivitiesView
11Cloud Chip Technologies2018Educational ActivitiesView
12YGK Education Pvt.Ltd.2018GRE/TOEFL/IELTS – Admission Counselling ServicesView
13IBM2017Career Education ProgramView
14Microsoft Innovation Centre Collabration Agreement2017View
15Pyramid Solutions2016Educational ActivitiesView
16International technological university2016For cooperation in the fields of student,faculty and staff scholorship exchangeView
17Rulepaper Acadamy2016Cloud computingView
18iKnowlation Reasearch labs pvt Ltd2016Research ActivitiesView
19Zensar technologies limited2015Software solutions and IT servicesView
20LACE2015CRT trainingView
21Kinect2015Windows 10 App development+MCA certificationView
22 Magni5 technology solutions pvt ltd2014View
23Coign edu and IT services pvt ltd2014Technology business incubatorView
24Softmerge2014computers,wireless data communicationView
25Conduria education & training services pvt ltd2014Quantitative ability,verbal ability,Logical reasoning,Soft skillsView
26 Bodhbridge Educational Services Pvt.Ltd.2013 Communication skills,Aptitude,Logical reasoningView
27 FACE 2013Employability skill enhancement training for studentsView
28 Skyfi labs 2013 Ornithopter workshopView
29 Fusion technologies 2012Software development and application maintenanceView
30Insofe2012White belt program and Green belt programView