Student Achievements
Year Name of the Award/ Medal National/ International Sports/ Cultural AADHAR / Student ID number Name of the Student
2016-2017 Merit/KHO-KHO National Sports 167R1A0521 Y.Nikhil
2016-2017 Merit/KHO-KHO National Sports 167R1A0511 L.Sushil
2016-2017 Merit/KHO-KHO National Sports 167R1A05B8 E.Manish
2016-2017 Merit(Runners)/Cricket National Sports 167R1A0569 I.Gopi Krishna
2016-2017 Merit(Runners)/Cricket National Sports 167R1A05F2 Vivek
2016-2017 Merit(Runners)/Cricket National Sports 167R1A05G4 V.Nithish
2016-2017 Merit(Runners)/Cricket National Sports 167R1A05E2 K.Ankamma Reddy
2016-2017 Merit/Netball National Sports 157R1A05D7 B.sai vineeth reddy
2016-2017 Merit/Football National Sports 157R1A0593 M.Anirudh
2013-2014 Merit/Hockey National Sports 137R1A0557 M.Adarsh
2013-2014 Merit/HAND BALL National Sports 137R1A0540 B.Ankitha
2013-2014 Merit/JUDO National Sports 137R1A0540 B.Ankitha

Technical Presentation first prize award received by III CSE, Mr. Gagandeep Bhakshi at JNTUH by CSI 2012-16 Batch

Ch Sai Krishna, K Narsimlu, M Anil Rao, K Ankamma Reddy and Deepak Kumar of III CSE are the members of the college team which stood at I position in Anurag Sports Bout 2K15 at CVSR Engineering College on October 2015.
Spoken Tutorial Workshop in association with IIT Bombay to Learn Open Source Software for Free-(Linux, LaTex, Scilab, Python, PHP & MySQL, LiberOffice, GIMP etc.) It’s a certified training where student can get certificate by attending video tutorials & giving online test