Association Activities & Events

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14-Day Workshop on “Internet of Things hands-on Session”21st-24th September 2019View
2Seminar on “Digital Marketing” and Higher Educational Opportunities06-09-2019View
3Seminar on “Path to Employability” Awareness Programme01-08-2019View
4Seminar on Block Chain Technology01-08-2019View
5Seminar on “Safe Surfing (Cyber Security Awareness Programme)”25-07-2019View
6Lecture on “Latest Technologies”18-07-2019View
7Seminar on “Career Motivation”18-07-2019View
8One Day workshop on “Robotics ”26-02-2019View
9Hands on session on “Python programming ”21-02-2019View
10Guest Lecture on “Artificial Intelligence and Its Impact”17-01-2019View
115 Days Certification Training on “Data Science & Big Data Analytics” for BATCH-II08-01-2019View
12Session on “Start up Skills and certifications”03-01-2019View
13Session on “Group Discussion” and “Just a Minute session”03-01-2019View
14Guest Lecture on “Python and Applications of Data Science”27-12-2018View
15Lecture on “Angular Java Script”04-10-2018View
Guest Lecture on “Machine Learning and its Applications”27-09-2018View
17Seminar on “Problem Solving Skills – Logical Reasoning”20-09-2018View
185 Days Certification Training on “Data Science & Big Data Analytics”17-09-2018View
19Guest Lecture on “ Cognitive services in web application, and  machine learning”23-08-2018View
20Lecture on “ Awareness on Programming Languages”23-08-2018View
21“Virtual Labs Hands-on Session-II”23-08-2018View
22Seminar on “Ethical Hacking”23-08-2018View
23Guest Lecture on “Block chain Technology and its adoption process in Agriculture and Food processing industry”16-08-2018View
24“Virtual Labs Hands-on Session-I”09-08-2018 View
25Guest Lecture on “IOT Market Forecast and Opportunities”09-08-2018 View
26Guest Lecture on “Android Applications Development”09-08-2018 View
27Guest Lecture on “Web Development and it’s Technologies – II”02-08-2018 View
28Seminar on “Virtual Labs”02-08-2018 View
29Guest Lecture on “Cyber Security”02-08-2018 View
30Guest Lecture on “Data Science with Machine Learning”02-08-2018 View
31Mobile Developer Fest (MDF) by Google Developers26th & 27th July 2018View
32Guest Lecture on “Web Development and it’s Technologies”26-07-2018 View
33Seminar on “Full stack Development”19-07-2018 View
34 Guest Lecture on “Research Areas and Opportunities”12-07-2018 View
355 Day FDP on “Cloud Infrastructure and Services”26th To 30th June 2018View
361-Day FDP on “Python”14-05-2018View
37Students Project Expo-201827-03-2018View
38Guest Lecture on Real time Industry Exposure by“Benchiis Consulting Pvt. Ltd & Infochord Technologie Pvt. Ltd.”20-03-2018View
39Hands-on Session on “IIITH Virtual Labs”14-03-2018View
40Guest Lecture on “Campus Drive”08-03-2018View
41Seminar on “cognitive services in web based and android applications”08-03-2018View
42“International Women’s Day Celebration”08-03-2018View
43Seminar on “Digital Certification Courses”11-01-2018View