IIC Activities 2023-2024

IIC Activities 2023-2024

Quarter 1

Sl.No.Activity TitleScheduleReports
1National Education Day 202311/11/2023View
2National Entrepreneurship Day 202311/09/2023View
3Innovation Day 202310/13/2023-10/14/2023View
4Session on “My Story – Motivational Session by Successful Innovators.”11/16/2023View
5“My Story – Motivational Session by Successful Entrepreneur/Start-up founder.11/06/2023View
6Awareness Program on Smart India Hackathon Idea Submission Guidelines”09/14/2023View
7Session on Problem Solving and Ideation Workshop11/21/2023View
8Exposure and Field visit for Problem Identification11/25/2023View
9Poster Presentation of Ideas/PoCand linkage with Innovation Ambassadors/Experts for Mentorship Support.11/17/2023-11/20/2023View
10Workshop on “Entrepreneurship and Innovation as Career Opportunity”09/26/2023View
11Workshop on “Identifying and Choice of Entrepreneurship Opportunities”11/28/2023View
12Session on “Critical Thinking and Problem Solving”11/08/2023View
13Session on “Innovation and Entrepreneurship ”09/23/2023View

Quarter 2

Sl.No.Activity TitleScheduleReports
1PODCAST Competition in view of Celebration Activity “National Pollution Control Day 2023 ” 2nd December 2023view
2PPT Presentation Competition “ROCK YOUR WORLD BY SAVING ENERGY” in view of “National Energy Conservation Day 2023 ” 15th December 2023view
3Project EXPO 27th December 2023view
4 National Startup Day Celebrations “Startup Business Plan Competition Short Case Study Video Competition on Successful Indian Startup’s” 16th January 2024view
5One Day Project EXPO on” Inspiring Technologies for Aspiring Engineers” 9th January 2024view
6National Youth Day Celebrations12 th January 2024View
7Session on “ Achieving problem-Solution fit and Product –Market fit13th February 2024View
8Session on “ Design Thinking ,Critical Thinking and Innovation Design”9th February 2024View
9Session on “ Entrepreneurs Journey from Class Room to board Room”15th February 2024View
10Session on “ Goal Setting towards becoming an Entrepreneur”17th February 2024View
11Workshop on “Technologies Impact on Entrepreneurship”21st Feb 2024View
12Organizing Entrepreneurship Outreach Program in School24th February 2024View
13Expert Talk on “Process of Innovation Development and Technology Readiness Level (TRL)24th FebruaryView
14National Science Day celebrations28th February 2024View
15Field Visit on City MSME Cluster at  ” ZINDA TILISMATH FACTORY “28th February 2024View


Quarter 3

Sl.No.Activity TitleScheduleReport
1Workshop on Prototype/Process Design and Development02-03-2024View
2Session/ Workshop on Business Model Canvas (BMC)27-04-2024View
3Field/Exposure Visit to Incubation Unit/Patent Facilitation Centre/Technology Transfer Centre such as Atal Incubation Centre etc.17-03-2024View
4Session on “How to plan for Start-up and Legal& Ethical Steps”30-03-2024View
5Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) and IP management for Startup04-05-2024View
6Entrepreneurship Roadmap- The Start-up Plan Competition03-05-2024View
7Organize an Inter/Intra Institutional Business Plan Competition and Reward the Best Innovations.02-04-2024View
8International Women’s Day08-03-2024View
9World Creativity and Innovation Day21-04-2024View
10World Intellectual Property Day26-04-2024View
11National Technology Day11-05-2024View
12Critical thinking for innovation design27-04-2024View